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15 Examples of Well Designed Contact Pages

Contact pages are often overlooked during the design process of a site. It’s all too easy just to slap on a standard contact form and leave it at that. However, some designers go the extra mile, and it really pays off. Contact pages are often one of the most important on a website, particularly for freelancers where they can make or break a potential clients decision to get in touch.

I hope that you enjoy these great designs, and that they inspire you to take another look at your own contact page.

PS: Before anyone mentions it, yes… I’ll be redesigning my own contact/about pages very soon, it’s most definitely on my list of things to do!

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Melody says:

    Haha..I just finished my contact page and now I want to start over…these are so sweet..

  2. Tom says:

    Haha, I know how you feel :) . I actually really like your contact page though! Nice job.

  3. Nice contact pages gonna re do mine sometime this week great post & gave me some great ideas!

  4. Carson Shold says:

    These are great!
    What do you think about the one in the footer on my site? (click my name!)

  5. Nice contact form but i dont realy like the second.
    @Carson Shold yours is nice too ;)

  6. Vim says:

    Great Post, many contact page layouts are very similar, however having visible email addresses on the contact page can cause spam, a captcha is great to place on contact forms.

  7. Mondo Print says:

    Awesome. I like the personal ones that have a picture of who you are connecting with.

  8. ntho says:

    Small businesses and pro freelancers (or anyone for that matter) can also take advantage of aim & google chat widgets on their contact pages to give the user an option of a ‘live contact’.


  9. nauman says:

    I like most contact page most, so simple and nice illustration

  10. I am going to create a new contact page something like any of the above one.

  11. jun says:

    Thanks for posting my web site.

  12. Dzinepress says:

    there is excellent contact page ideas for my future needs. thanks

  13. Dejo says:

    Great article, thanks!

  14. Brian Pajak says:

    I am relaunching my website soon and am almost ready to move onto the contact page. Very useful references.

  15. sonnydesign says:

    i like contact forms with Google map like osmond contact page

  16. Joel Drapper says:

    Another great contact form is the one on the clear left website. I love how it slides in!

  17. oes tsetnoc says:

    The 1st design above “osmond” of a contact page is my preferred one. it has the contact form, the map and the full address and also the phone number. Every website should adopt the contact page in such style.

  18. I mainly use simple contact forms, but after I studied these examples I got new ideas for my new contact pages. Thanks

  19. Great article. Getting a user to fill out a contact form is usually the ‘most wanted response’ from a website, so it is one of the most imoportant pages.

  20. Anupama Rao says:

    excellent designed “contact us” pages for design inspirations.

  21. [...] 15 Examples of Well Designed Contact Pages [...]

  22. The contact pages are wonderful. The contact us page is really important for all sites and should be well designed.

  23. never a fan of black webpages , has to be 50% white nice collection

  24. Bookmarked! That’s some good compilation of designs, thank you!

  25. These designs are really cool.

  26. Maps are always great, visual help is always better than pure text in my opinion.

  27. If you’re serious about getting people to contact you then I think maps are certainly a prerequisite as well as all the usual stuff

  28. awesome article i need to improve my contact page so this is just perfect

  29. Liked two designs very much one 6th from bottom a very jazzy look this kinda form will rock in some funky designs..

    Thanks Folk!!

  30. Some great forms to look at here. I agree with Rich B Google maps integration is a must for a contact page.

  31. People must never forget the importance of having an attractive looking, but simple contact form.

  32. IVA Advice says:

    Some great examples here. I’m in the middle of constructing a new site so I’m glad I found you.

  33. Liked two designs very much one 6th from bottom a very jazzy look this kinda form will rock in some funky designs..

  34. tava tea says:

    new contact page something like any of the above one.

  35. Its amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often. Thanks for sharing.

  36. yum yum.. thanks for posting the designed.. I think I will try this one when I have nothing to do.. :)

  37. All the templates are really nice. I like the fourth template in blue color, it looks stylish.thanks

  38. Hmm, might have to have another look at my contact form, thought it was nice and simple, feels a bit boring now, time to fire up illustrator i guess!

  39. Giorgia says:

    thanks for sharing.
    What do you think about a contact us page I designed once. Please click on my name to see it.

  40. Jams says:

    Great post! I would also recommend the book E-myth, every entrepreneur should give it a read.

  41. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing such a nice contact design.

    Really a inspirational one!

  42. Cool and helpful, i especially like the 3rd one.
    thanks for sharing

  43. People must never forget the importance of having an attractive looking, but simple contact form.

  44. Reihaan says:

    Nice contact us samples.Thanks for sharing…

  45. PixelGiant says:

    A very nice selection.

  46. A Web Design says:

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  47. Designed contact pages/forms are always a pain because styling forms is slightly different to html. These forms are really good and we will certainly check the CSS for a few tips!

  48. I like them :) they are really good examples ^^

  49. stuart says:

    for me the contact page is just as important as the homepage – 15 great examples

  50. Adie says:

    Great collection here. As a designer I always seem to be drawn to contact pages to see how they have been styled.

    Nice work

  51. Some nice examples and definitely an important page on any site

  52. I gave a search to google and found your great advice on contact forms. I would love to have a plugin to use on my wordpress site? Can you down load like contact form 7?

  53. Jack says:

    The first one is really awesome.

  54. Ad says:

    I like Ole Frederik’s contact page the best out of these, but the best contact page for me is the one set over the top of the fantastic aerial photo at

  55. erin says:

    Wow, beautiful collection. it’s looking so much inspirational. i really thank you for your great post

  56. akinloye tosin says:

    you guy make somethings easy for me in my office.thank’s so much. more power to your elbow.

  57. murtaza says:

    The designs are really awesome :)

  58. Ben says:

    Non of these examples show how to display a captcha image.

  59. IanO says:

    Some really nice layouts I liked the ideas of using social media links with the contact form

  60. Thank you for those inspiration, I really love the first one !

  61. Beautiful selection of Contact Pages. As a web designer it is imperative that this page is the most engaging. This is the most important call to action and therefore consideration is a must.

    Thanks for the compilation of examples – inspiring indeed.

  62. Mrinal says:

    I love this collection of contact us page, here you done very hard work to collect those contact us page, thanks for your hard work.

  63. Thanks! I always have issues with contact pages for some reason. Presently revamping our contact page, this should help with some ideas.

  64. PR Agency says:

    It’s refreshing to see that designers are not overlooking pages that others feel are not important when it comes to its look and feel.

    That being said it is important to ensure that it is practical and useable!

    Great collection though!

  65. Rob RS says:

    It’s amazing how often contact pages are overlooked.

  66. Nice Contact page examples. Contact page invite call for action to send message. Good design is definitely help bring in sales and show professionalism in your line of service.

  67. Karine says:

    I think my page BEATS all of the above. I just finished it, it is a HUUUGE Infographic and all the data is layed out in a fun way
    Check it out boys and girls, and update the article if you like it:)

  68. Eric Vasquez says:

    Great Post! I am actually designing an E-Mail form at work for our annual Holiday E-Card and came across this link! Very helpful for inspiration :)

  69. Lucas says:

    gracias !

  70. amuys says:

    Thanks information

    Nice posting

  71. sheethal rao says:

    Thanks for sharing .Its Great Article for New Blogs

  72. Roberto M. says:

    Hello Tom, I want to thank you for sharing those beautiful designs of contact forms. I’d would like to know your opinion with a question I want to ask you, I’m using a contact form already designed from ( on a vlog of mime ( So my question is, do you think would be worthy to use a contact form already designed from ContactUs or do you think is more worthy to create my own design for a contact form??

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  73. Thanks for the sample of pages contact. Very useful your article. I will make one similar to the ninth. It seems to me the most simple and pleasing to the eye. Thanks!

  74. sopha ke says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    I will update my contact page.

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