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18 Most Professional Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

18 Most Professional Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

Social Bookmarking icons have become increasingly popular, with a huge increase in the number of blogs and websites using social bookmarking accounts.

However, with so many icon sets around it can be really hard to find a truly professional one. Luckily, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Whilst many roundups post hundreds of icon sets, many of which are very average, we’ve compiled our all time favorites. This list of icon packs should be incredibly useful to the bloggers amongst our audience.

1. WPZOOM Social Networking Icon Set

This icon set is absolutely huge, and I’m in love with the clean look of these icons. The icons scale really well, and would perfectly compliment a clean, minimal design.

2. Extended Set of Social Icons

This icon set is really unique, creating a detailed badge design. The artist has provided a variety of icon sizes, to let you easily incorporate them into your blog or website.

3. FreeHand ColorStroked Icon Pac

This is a great sketchy icon pack that I haven’t come across before. Rather than be unusable due to being far too messy, each sketch is actually very precise and detailed. This makes it perfect for showcasing creativity on a design related website.

4. 20 Free Vector Social Bookmarking Icons

These icons are very simple and clean, and a love their vector look. Perfect for a clean website, or simplistic design approach.

5. 108 Glowing Neon Social Media

These icons are really beautiful, and would be perfect for a dark web design. They seem to fit perfectly with a night or space theme, and provide a perfect accompaniment to a slick lighting effect.

6. Green Jelly Social Media

This fun icon set would be perfect for an environment website. The glossy green effect is really bold and eye-catching, and would be a great addition to your blog posts.

7. Blue Jelly Social Media Icons

This icon set is just as fun as the green jelly icon set above, yet perhaps an easier color to fit into your designs. As blue is so universal these days, you should be able to fit these hugely creative icons into many of your designs.

8. Heart My Website

A popular social bookmarking set from Smashing Magazine. It’s easy to see why so many people favor this icon set. The hearts are not only superbly designed, but they actively encourage people to ‘heart’ your content, increasing social bookmarking conversions.

9. Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

Another popular icon set, Chris Spooner has created an awesome sketchy icon pack. Each icon is delicately crafted, and there is some great shading. A perfect addition to any creative website!

10. Socialize Icon Set

A simple sticker design makes this icon set really unique. The icons are super clean and glossy – sure to make an impact.

11. Work Icons

This icon set is really bold, and includes some lesser known icons such as file formats, WordPress etc…

12. 12 Social Media Icons

I love the glossy look of this icon set, and it would work great on a personal blog or website. The hearts provide a fun touch, making this set stand out from many others.

13. Transparent Glass Social Bookmarking Icons

This icon set has an authentic glass effect. This should be perfect to combine with some plain website backgrounds, adding a cool 3d aspect to the design.

14. Dark Denim Social Media Icons

This denim icon set has a great texture to it. The seams show a great level of detail, and the icons scale really well.

15. Social Media Mini IconPack

This icon set consists of 30 icons (16X16px). The pixel art is incredible, and the image above shows a few examples from the icon set blown up in proportion. The icons are really colorful, and make a bright, yet subtle addition to any website.

16. Function Icon Set

We Function always come out with some top notch icons, and this set is no different. The set is huge, consisting of 128 individual icons, including the main social networking sites.

17. Simple Circular Social Media Icons Pack

These simple icons are really clean and professional. The icon set comes in a variety of sizes (128X128, 64X64 and 32X32).

18. Snap2Objects Free Vector Social Bookmark Icons

This is one of the most unique icon sets I’ve seen. The glassy 3d effect is really eye-catching.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Some really nice icons there and completely different to what I have seen before. I think that sometimes with standard icons that things can become too similar and I sometimes don’t even take in the icons that are there because I have seen them before on so many sites. To get them noticed I think this collection is something that could change that for me so when designing I will definitely see where these can fit into my design. Thanks

  2. Hey very nice list! Most of them I already have but it’s cool to have this as a reference.
    Btw 18 sounds funny, wouldn’t it have been better to add two more to make 20? :-)

  3. hey, you missed the biggest one:

  4. davide scalzo says:

    fantastic collection! thanks for shariung

  5. zerofx says:

    Very nice collection! thanks for sharing, will come in handy!

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