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20 Super Creative Website Menus

A website’s menu is one of the first places that the viewers eye will go to. For this reason a well designed and clear menu is a vital part of a good web design. Some designs really put in the extra effort with their menus, and it shows! The following 20 designs are super creative, and all show unique and interesting ways to display your websites navigation.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Vim says:

    Wow wicked set of menus, are most of these menus done in flash?

  2. Tom says:

    Far from it actually. If you check out the original sites most of them are simply html/css with some cool graphics :) .

  3. MartynJ says:

    Some very cool looking menu’s! Great roundup

  4. Dejo says:

    Cool Designs!


  5. Great article, thanks for the inspiration :-)

  6. Tom says:

    Thanks guys! I’m glad these designs inspired you :)

  7. Toucouleur says:

    Thanks for the 2 first selections on your post, It’s 2 online shop we are still currently working on.
    Thanks again

  8. ?????? says:

    Inspirational! Tx for the references.

  9. These menus are awesome, where can I download the templates?


  10. Very inspirational! All of those navigation menu’s are very different but incredibly unique.

  11. I think these look nice. More of good looking than creative menus…I was hoping to see new and creative ways to delivery the menus. Some good examples of using graphics inside of menus though.

  12. these are some of the great menus that we can use of our website. they look wonderful and some are awesome.

  13. mr_rook says:

    I love this one: Clean & cool.

  14. acroex was really cool

  15. Tom says:

    Toucouleur: No problem! I’m really digging your design style.

    Creative Intuition: No templates I’m afraid, this is an inspirational post, just meant to inspire you with the great work of others.

    Michael Buckingham: I’ll definitely try and come up with a post more like your suggestion. Thanks for the idea :) (if you’d be interested in writing yourself I’m always open to contributions)

  16. Peach says:

    Thanks for putting The Peach Design on the list.

    Greatly appreciated

  17. wawan says:

    thanks for including on the list
    i hope will grow bigger and better
    cheers :)

    best regards,

  18. Mahmoud Omar says:

    thanks for featuring me along with some great designers

  19. phil says:

    Thanks for adding The Void to your list, Im really pleased to see it made the cut!

  20. My personal favorite is The Void

  21. Vpin Babu` says:

    Hay Guys, thankz 4 puttin put my website in here… m Glad to knw yu guyz liked it!… cheerzzzz :)

  22. Tanveer Rao says:

    Guys Guess what is the logic behind the numbering in Acroex menu?? :)

  23. Alex says:

    this site uses a transparent navigation, quite interesting

  24. vin says:

    My personal favorite is The champagne site

  25. upin says:

    wow, best collection….
    favorite design menu… thanks for share

  26. kimchi says:

    I love designs that can inspire you before a project! Thanks for the share.

  27. Reihaan says:

    nice designs and really creative menus..

  28. Javad Mohmed says:

    Superb works

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