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20 Web Design Gems Within The Music Industry

I’ve always been very into music, and so frequently check out music/band related websites. Unfortunately, despite having great content, many websites within the music industry are dull and poorly designed.

However, a few musicians and companies live up to the creative nature of the industry and produce some truly awesome website designs. I’ve hand selected 20 of my favorites for you to check out, I hope that you enjoy!

The Arm Pit

Jivan Gasparyan

Darryl Worley



Kim Richardson


Selina Herrero

Groove Sonics

Britain Rocks!

Sac Jazz

Stan Rogers

Top Fest

Jono Buchanan

Live Spot

Eurovision 2009

Rocket Club


Jared Campbell

The Trian Woodburns

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Jeff Payne says:

    Great ideas! Thanks.

  2. Alvin Lim says:

    Wow, very nice. mm i think most of them are done in Photoshop. Maybe i’m wrong

  3. leon says:

    Dang! Nice list! My favorites:
    - (I really envy this designer’s eye for detail)

    Too bad most of these websites have set their music or video players on auto play, that really annoys me.

  4. Cool stuff, I liked the ArmPit and RocketClub ones the best. Thanks for taking the time to find em for us.

  5. Ivan Miši? says:

    Nice themes. They look great. Thx for sharing

  6. A u d e e says:

    These are outstanding collection! Haven’t seen them anywhere before :)
    My favorites would be: The Arm Pit, Sourhaze and Selina Herrero. The Trian Woodburns has a definite marvelous vintage look.
    Thank you very much for the nice post.

  7. Mars says:

    those are hard rocking website

  8. Wonderfull! Great collection! Thx.

    Kind regards,
    Xavier Maurits

  9. Dave Sparks says:

    Some nice stuff there although some template type pages, still the Sourhaze one the favourite I think.

  10. Tom says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    My favorites from this list are probably:

    Rocket Club
    and Darryl Worley

  11. Oliver Web says:

    Some really nice designs here. All of them are very good but my favourite has to be The Arm Pit site. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Some brilliant pieces of work! love the design on Celina Ferrero and Woodburs. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Adam says:

    I’ve noticed that band websites tend to be very creative and unique which is why I often draw a lot of inspiration from them. I always liked the Johnny Cash website from Tonybdesign.

  14. The designs are so creatively and uniquely done! Thanks for sharing. You can really do lots of wonders if music is your inspiration!

  15. this music design background fr web page is great, maybe i can use for my web page creation, thanks for the idea you put in your design i can now begin my project.

  16. Music Fan says:

    Great find on these music sites. I agree that many times music artists have awful sites, even very popular artists. It amazes me that some people have yet to catch on that an online presence is important and you need to make sure it is done right.

  17. the music industry would always be a thriving industry specially these days where we listen to a lot of music :*:

  18. Man Marzella says:

    I normally do not publish in Blogs but your blog site forced me to, awesome function.. stunning

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