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30 Beautiful Examples of Sepia Photography

30 Beautiful Examples of Sepia Photography

Beginning in the 1880s, sepia was produced by adding a pigment, made from the Sepia officinalis cuttlefish found in the English channel, to the positive print of a photograph. The term ‘sepia’ comes from the name of the pigment.

Sepia photography has been popular amongst photography enthusiasts for years. This has been aided through the sepia filter that comes with many digital cameras.

In terms of design, a sepia palette can give an olden, aged or worn look to your work/photography. A sepia effect can be achieved via photographic toning (a chemical process carried out on prints), digital photography (filters) or in software such as Photoshop as part of post-production:

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  1. Melody says:

    Sepia is such a classic photo effect. More photographers/artists should utilize it.

  2. Vim says:

    nice sepia photos, good collection, i really like the effect sepia gives off, great old skool effect.

  3. HarHoll says:

    Sepia gives everything such a warm feel. I especially like the piano piece, nice choices man.

  4. Great collection ! Sepia rocks !

  5. parthu says:


  6. Scraps says:

    some really cool photos… looks artistic.. but some have vintage effect and b/w effect too

  7. Great set of sepia photography. They are all so inspiring.

  8. Cook says:

    great stuff……beautiful photography

  9. This is a really inspiring collection of sepia photography and lots of nice photos. Sepia is definitely one of my favourite photo effects and I try to use it as much as I can when I take photos. Thanks for these.

  10. Ricardo Williams says:

    these are all fantastic, but i must say the two that really stuck out to me were the one of the cat and the one on the dock. absolutely beautiful

  11. Jason says:

    I love the wide range of tones that are possible with effects like this. I find it’s best to start with the best black and white then convert to a quadtone. Thanks for the examples.

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