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30 Really Informative and Beautiful Infographics

30 Really Informative and Beautiful Infographics

Infographics are another sources of interesting information, when you are in need of some. Reading boring, long, color-less articles isn’t such attractive and interesting rather than reading and viewing facts, numbers in an illustrated way. In the round-up of this week, we have compiled more than 30 nice-looking, well-designed and informative posters and infographics.

The Online Communities

The following infographic shows us a detailed world map, containing the most popular websites, social networks and communication applications, from all over the world.

Critical Thinkers

This elegant infographic presents us 25 critical thinkers, in the oppinion of the creator, who lived since 1700.

Resume Infographics

Michael Anderson created an awesome, modern-looking infographics, which shows us some employment & academics details, skills and different attractive graphs.

Social Marketing Compas

This Social Marketing compass points a brand in a physical and experiential direction to genuinely and effectively connect with customers/peers.

The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

The following elegant infographic, shows us the hierarchy of digital distractions in a very interesting way.

Restaurant Spending Up

This well-designed infographic represents the grow of the fast-food restaurants in the second quarter.

On Driving Infographics

The current well designed and really attractive infographic shows the history of automobiles, since it’s beggining in 1908.

The Browser Wars

The following infographic, represents how the most popular browser (like Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape and IE) were used since 2002 till the 2008 year.

Who’s Buying What

This really kick-ass infographic shows really detailed information about what nation what kind of objects ar e buying, and what kind of amounts are spent on that objects.

US Travel and Tourism

The current nice-looking infographic represents data about the states in USA, which got visited most, and also from which countries, how many persons visited.

Flickr Infographics

This infographic displays a really detailed data about a general flickr user and all it’s possible activities and actions in a nice-looking way.

Twitter User Profile Infographic

The current infographic displays details about 6 most popular categories/kinds of people that are active in the Twitter Social Network.

The Average Car vs Average Human Infographic

This really high-quality and nice-looking infographic shows a comparison between how much “fuel is burned” by an average car versus an average human.

Conversations in Social Media

The following creative infographic/poster shows the most popular “conversations in the soical media”, being the second german edition, powered by ‘ethority’.

The Story So Far of Twitter

This interesting infographic displays a short but really informative data about the creation of the very popular twitter social network, from it’s begging till our days.

Car Accidents Infographic

The following awesome looking infographic, diplays details about accident details and all kind of premises. The only minus of this infographic, is because it’s written in spanish.

The Descent into Credit Card Debt

The current infographic is very useful for persons that really know little about their credit card dept. It is illustrated great, with attractive and beautiful secondary elements.

Climatic Changes

Another very beautiful and kick-ass elegant poster which provides information about climatic changes. Unfortunately, it can be read only by spanish-language knowers.

Disney vs Marvel Infographics

This is probably the most awesome infographic in this collection. It compares two very popular companies, Marvel and the Walt Disney graphics company.

The Biggest Shift Infographics

This attractive infographic shows off the biggest social media shift which happened since the industrial revolution. It surely deserves to take a look at this infographic.

Anti Capitalism Infographics

This vintage and retro-looking really informative poster, shows off the capitalism, which had place in the 1700 years. Infographic being designed in 1911.

Cost of Ownership

The following, not very useful but nice-looking and creative infographic displays data for some costs, a person will have to take for building a house.

Road to Riches Income

This is another well-designed and elegant infographic, which displays not so happy information about most of the taxes and debt a person will have to take care about.

Credit vs Debit Card

This interesting way of displaying information in an infographic, is really great. The infographic shows us an imaginary battle of the “Debit vs Credit”.

Most Targeted Book

The following infographic displays data about the most targeted books in the 2009 year. The way the author is presenting this information is really nice, and certainly requires your attention.

Cell Phones by The Numbers

This well-designed and beautiful infographic shows us information about the cell phones sells, and the prices in descending order of the most popular mobile carriers.

The US Credit Card Crisis

The following creative infographic displays numbers and facts about the crisis that was between the credit cards in the 2008 year.

Earth: As Seen Through Beer

This is a strange but nice-looking “yellowish” infographic which shows us data about how many liters of beer are drunk per person in many countries of the world.

Food Deserts

This infographic shows information about the food deserts, and where they are ate most.

Periodic Table of Typefaces

This awesome-looking, grunge/vintage poster/infographic shows the “Periodic Table of the Typefaces”.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Hey, that was fascinating. Thanks.

  2. Mark T says:

    I love the representation of the corpse-strewn battlefield of the browser wars, LOL. :D
    But that Mickey/Spiderman graphic is just SO striking; I can’t stop looking at it!

    • Tom says:

      Yeah, these infographics are so effective at putting across information! I agree about the Mickey/Spiderman image though, which is why I used it as the post thumbnail, it’s such a great design!

  3. Eric Vasquez says:

    These are really cool – There are a lot of very clever ideas. The Mickey/Spiderman one is awesome, but I also love the fast food one with the red and blue forks. A lot of these seem like they would be very intuitive and simple but it’s always the simplest designs that are the hardest to achieve, like a good logo!

    • Tom says:

      Yeah I totally agree Eric! I’ve spent way more hours of painstaking revisions on my simplest designs (logos etc…) than on my more complex ones.

  4. ranfirefly says:

    That’s a great collection.
    If you would like to boost your design process in seconds, check out this info-graphic design template:

  5. teste says:

    Spanish? Portuguese! =)

  6. goseethem says:

    These are really inspirational. thanks for putting them together.

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