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30 Stunningly Beautiful Wallpapers

Wallpapers With a Difference

I’ve done a few wallpaper roundups here before, each of which has captures some great designs. You can view some of these below:

20 Totally Awesome Abstract Wallpapers

30 Magnificent High Def Space Wallpapers

35 High Def Wallpapers to Calm and Inspire You

However, today I bring you, what are in my opinion the most stunning wallpapers I’ve ever come across. Each of these designs just gives me a passion to design, and so I’m sure they will make a great addition to your desktop.

(You can download each full-sized wallpaper by clicking on each design and following download instructions).

System Kings – In the Forest Where You Sleep

Systemkings is a joint venture between Marius Bauer and Jared K. Nickerson. On route to explore a style of collaborative effort, this unique release is the outcome of a journey. It includes twenty different wallpapers in both widescreen and mobile formats.

This great set sees various forest creatures shift from day to night, and each wallpaper is an impressive 1920X1200px.

Stay Green. Go Red

Part of SeventhStreet’s new marketing campaign that encourages people to recycle old images and create new ideas. View some examples in the “image design” section.

The campaign consisted of a poster, desktop download
(alternate black version that uses less energy) and a print ad.

Colr. (Zune HD)

This desktop wallpaper is the center-piece for this stunning collection of 18 Microsoft Zune HD wallpapers.

Mother Nature

This amazingly creative wallpaper creates a collage overlay, over the top of a cute illustration. The attention to detail is mind blowing in this piece!

Suicide Girls Wallpaper

This sexy set of wallpapers features some great illustration work, as well as a bold color palette.

Beard Full of Butterflies

Grungy, modern, artistic, beautiful, clean, rough, emotional, delicate… this wallpaper is simply one of the best works of graphic design I’ve ever come across. It’s on my wallpaper as I type this!

The wallpaper was a fitting winner for a wallpaper battle based around the theme of facial hair.

Hajime Sorayama Tribute

“This my tribute to the great Hajime Sorayama and especially to his fantastic “Sexy Robot”-series, which had a great impact on me when I was in my teens. These wallpapers were created on the 23rd of December 2008 as christmas gifts and purely for non-profit use.”

The FWA Wallpaper

I wallpaper designed for the guys at TheFWA. This design is one of the best I’ve ever come across. The rough painting style and incredible focus on details is mind-blowing!

Desktopography – Urban Environment

This epic piece would make a great desktop for any designer. Better yet if you click on the design to go to the download page you can see the design progress for this fantastic wallpaper!

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Great Wallpapers , some of these images are stunning, and photoshop manipulation in the last image is awesome. Thanks for these wallpapers I’ve set mother nature as my desktop background. Tom would it be possible if we could have a post for superhero wallpapers

  2. Hazim says:

    love them all! thanks sharing.

  3. Waasys says:

    Jthreeconcepts wallpapers rock! I liek them!

  4. Melody says:

    You definitely know you’re gonna download one when your eyes bug while really love the first set! :)

  5. inspirational work. thanks for sharing

  6. Abi says:

    All I can say it’s amazing and how did you find these wallpapers?

  7. sugeng says:

    it’s very amazing wallpaper, i already download it, and love all the wallpaper

  8. woww, a very attractive design, may I download this wallpaper ?

  9. REEMA says:

    its awesome i like the ideas…i love it…

  10. malphy says:

    Nice article. Thanks
    great post!! keep them coming!

  11. warung Seep says:

    I can say it’s amazing and how did you find these wallpapers? Thanks

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