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31 Beautiful Fractal and Abstract Photoshop Brushes

31 Beautiful Fractal and Abstract Photoshop Brushes

This is another awesome round-up of vibrant, stunning and simply beautiful photoshop brushes which fall under the abstract/fractal category. After the success of the previous collection, here is another great one, where you will be able to find totally different free brushes but at the same time as awesome as in the previous round-up!

I personally use fractal brushes a lot in my own work, so will find this compilation really helpful – I hope that you do too!

Fractal Chaos Brushes

Increase the beauty of your artpieces by using this beautiful, dark and some-how surreal pack of free to use fractal photoshop brushes.

Abstract Fractal Brushes Pack

Take a look at this nice pack of grunge, colorful, fractal photoshop brushes which are great to be used in posters and some unusual wallpapers, at no charge!

3D Fractal Brushes

This kick-ass set of purple/grunge and fractal&abstract photoshop brushes can be used in your commercial and personal projects, without any restriction.

Fractal Bars Brushes

Take a look at this nice & elegant lined photoshop brushes which are offered free of charge by the brushlovers wesite.

Dot Matrix Brushes

The current pack of nice dark dotted brushes are great to be used as backgrounds for your art compositions. Are also free of charge and can be used in whatever project you’d like.

Spaxio Abstract Brushes

Spaxio is a great and abstract pack of photoshop brushes which can be used to show off some explosions or fast movements.

Melancholy Brushes

Melancholy is a beautiful, elegant and kick-ass pack of colorful and nice-looking photoshop brushes which are distributed free of charge.

Radiant Brush Set

This is another set of dark and surreal/abstract brushes called “Radian Brushes”. You can download them for free and use for commercial and personal projects.

Shape Brushes V1

The current item is another pack of soft-shaped, well-desgined and really high-quality brushes which can be downloaded for free and used without restrictions.

Fortune Brushes

This set of colorful, well-designed and stunning photoshop brushes called Fortune, can be used for your commercial and personal projects, without any charge.

Odysee Brushes

Odysee is a premium-like, kick-ass beautiful brush pack which was created by axeraider70, and offered for free on his dA page.

CS4 Brushes

This is another pack of well-designed and high-quality bright photoshop brushes created for Photoshop CS4 by ~Edelihu~

PS Abstract Vol 6

The current pack of Abstract Brushes by rubina119, reached the vol 6, containing a great pack of vibrant brushes.

Darius Brushes

Another pack of really kick-ass, modern and beautiful free photoshop brushes called “Darius Brushes” and can also be used in your commercial projects.

Abstraction Brushes

This purple pack of nice and beautiful brushes called Abstraction are free of charge and can be used without restrictions.

Audio Lines Brushes

Audio Lines is probably the best example in this round-up, containing great vibrant and stunning examples of photoshop brushes.

28 Abstract Curves

The current set is a really beautiful and bright pack of photoshop brushes by Fresh eMedia, containing 28 abstract lines

Midnight City Vector Brushes

Midnight city is a different, modern and kick-ass set of free photoshop brushes which can be used in your personal projects only.

MF Splatter Brush Pack

If you want to achieve some great splatter effects for your designs, download this really nice brush set and use it in every project you’d like!

ocTanes Motion Grunge Brushes

Get yourselves some nice motion/grunge free photoshop brushes by downloading this nice-looking brush set called “Octanes”.

Evasion Brush Set

The current brush pack called Evasion is a free set of photoshop brushes which is totally available for free and can be used without any restrictions.

Attack Brushes

This is another pack of lined, abstract/bright photoshop brushes which are great to be used in posters. Can be downloaded for free and used how you wish.

Edge Brushes

Edge Brushes is another soft, bright and simply awesome set of free photoshop brushes which can be used in your personal projects only.

Ecol Brushes

Ecol Brushes is a red and colorful pack of lined/fractal and abstract photoshop brushes which can be downloaded for free from the author’s dA page.

Party Brushes

This well-designed and vibrant pack of colorful photoshop brushes, is great to be used on kick-ass posters which mostly represent a party event.

Christmas Brushes

This is the second edition of the abstract brush pack ready for CS4 and are free to use for your commercial and personal projects, being available free of charge.

Century Brushes

Century is a dark pack of vibrant and bright-colored pack, which can also be used for unusual art compositions and posters.

Abstract & Fractal Brushes Vol 3

This is the third pack of free abstract brushes, which was created by runinaiig, and is available for download on the author’s page.

Abstract Brushes Vol 1

This is a well-designed and nice looking pack of Abstract photoshop brushes, which can be used for your personal projects only, but available free of charge.

Abstract Light Swirl Brushes

The last item in our pack is a collection of 8 high-resolution brushes available in the .abr extension and also in the psd format. Can be used for whatever you’d like.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Eric Vasquez says:

    Great brushes here Tom! I especially love the Fractal Chaos Brushes. The glowing line brushes have become pretty popular as of late – I think some of these can be made from scratch with a little bit of help from the Brush Settings, but there are definitely some great resources. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. bunk kunk says:

    Great collection of brush, will use for my next project

    thanks for great share

  3. Balloon says:

    Pretty good collection. These brushes bring me back. Most of them have been around for a while.

  4. Brandon says:

    thanks for the awesome share, some really awesome brushes!

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