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32 Elegant and Minimalist Icon Packs

32 Elegant and Minimalist Icon Packs

Icons are great for adding extra details and professionalism to a website or application. Whilst detailed, bright and colorful icons are great, there is also clearly a market for minimal icons, which can often add a touch of class to your project, and be far more direct for your users. If you’re thinking of integrating a minimal style into your work be sure to check out these great icon sets:

Devine Icons

A solid and impresive look created by these awesome icons that are great for representing the most improtant things.


A simple brown-and-white icon pack with a great variety of icons for all the purposes.

Mnml Icon Set

Simple, with no fancy add-ons and colors, this icon pack suits well the people who only need the most important from everything.


A great-looking icon pack done with meticulous detail, creating a professional atmosphere for your apps.

Sans Cons

An extremely simple icon pack great for a simple site, coming in 13 different colors!

GUI Icons

A small and pleasant icon set great for those who love simple things and minimalistic looks.

Default Icon

Small, coming in two different colors, this icon pack can prove very handy for those who want to create a marvel using simple things.

Icon Sweets

A beautiful minimalistic icon pack great for merging a great site with tiny icons.

Icon Sweets 2

A cute-looking set of icons great for adding them in a stylish project.

Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

Great icon pack for iPhone, keeping it’s solid look and extremely beautiful design.


Nice-looking and very well crafted, this awesome icon pack is simple and straight to the point.


Unique icon set with a great and very nice design which easily improves your mood.

Bright Mix

Original and amazing at the same time, this icon pack is great for a small project.

IcoJoy Icons

Pixelated, cute and very impressive, these icons create an unforgetable feeling.

Marker Complete Set

Slim and monochromatic, with a nice look and great for something big!


A very handy and easy to use icon pack great for all your further projects.

Mono Icons Set

A simple and very interesting icon pack great for decorating your site with some minimal icons.


A great and mobile icon pack that comes in handy when talking about size.

Silk Icons

Beautiful and great-looking, this icon pack is best for simple and pleasant projects.

PC.DE Icons

An awesome set of icons that are really nice-looking and have a great allure near them.

Dev Icons

A colorful set of icons thatwill surely boost up your mood easily.

Minimal Vector Symbol Icons

A monochromatic set of icons great for those who are fond of minimalistic icons.

Axialis Icons

A sweet-looking set of icons great to make your site a warmer and cosier place.

Picto Deck

A very new and unusual icon pack great for those who love a new experience.


A mix of very colored and nice icons great for adding to your projects a slight note of life.

Social Networking Icons

Elegant and very impressive, these icons are great for a cool and important website.

Minimalist Pixel Icons

Truly minimalistic, but at the same time very nice, these icons are great for a simple design.

Minimal Icon Set

A very cool and monochromatic icon pack which has a solid and important look.

Retina Display Icons

Very sweet with plenty of nice details, this icon pack is great for a trendy project.

Free Icon Set

Small, nice and amazing, these icon look like they are ready to fill almost everything with them.

Bwpx Icons

A great combination of white and black that creates a cool and impressive atmosphere around them.

Free Minimal Icons

Sugestive, interesting and awesome, with a cool look and inspirational feeling, it is a great icon pack.

Iphone Icons Set

A beautiful and comprehensive icon set specifically built for Iphones. This is a premium set, but starts from a competitive $19. A great premium option.

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    Good post, thank you very much, this is what I was looking for.

  2. Drake says:

    I would love to see more lists with 32px individual files. Many authors release their work as AI files. This is a great collection. Bookmarked several for future projects!

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