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33 Appealing and Elegant Logotypes for your Inspiration

33 Appealing and Elegant Logotypes for your Inspiration

A logotype is usually a graphical representation which represents a brand, company, object, or firm. A good logotype, has a lot of chances to be remembered for a long, long time, and by this attracting new clients to the company which created the following logotype. In this collection we have made a list of more than thirty awesome, stunning logos, with a very appealing and elegant design.

Logotype #1

Beautiful and elegant, this logo represents the style itself.

Logotype #2

A graphic logo, being simplistic and at the same time interesting, it surely is one of the best.

Logotype #3

A logo that looks cute and represents usual things from a new point of view.

Logotype #4

Wonderful colorated, suggestive and a little bit insane, this type of logo is good for a free and young company.

Logotype #5

A solid and important looking logo to impress and atract more people.

Logotype #6

Simple and a little bit childlish, this logo is great for a family-type restaurant.

Logotype #7

A logo good for serious and big companies, ispiring power and safety.

Logotype #8

A logo that will evoke a happy and inspiring mood in people, being well-balanced and attractive.

Logotype #9

A glamorous and modern logo to lead even the most upmarket clubs.

Logotype #10

This logo, made in Techno style, will easily be asociated with modern technologies and science.

Logotype #11

Simple, yet original, this logo represents themes such as motion and infinity.

Logotype #12

A beautiful logo that may look as a tribute to geeks, great done and balanced.

Logotype #13

A tasty logo that will make every passer-by hungry by just looking at it.

Logotype #14

This cute brand is great for a dating company, making the air’s mood great for love.

Logotype #15

A green and nature sugesting logo to represent a farming company or lawn care fabric.

Logotype #16

A logo that matches a prestigious or summer-like cafe, with an easy and happy look.

Logotype #17

For children companies, this logo is one of the best thanks for it’s cute look and the great love the children have for dinasours.

Logotype #18

A logo that inspires profesionalism and knowledge, great for a blog or forum.

Logotype #19

Retro-looking logo, keeping at the same time an authentical air and great look.

Logotype #20

A original logo that will look great for a model or design company.

Logotype #21

For inovational and new companies, this logo will be the best, creating a fresh, new and beautiful image for the customer.

Logotype #22

This unusual logo is great for excentric dancing schools that will always be ready to reach the limit.

Logotype #23

Expresive and nice-looking, this logo will fit perfectly for a international forum.

Logotype #24

A logo for somebody who manipulates the paper into great compositions, alternatively being great for a design blog.

Logotype #25

A farm-based logo great for country companies or a juice one.

Logotype #26

For those who are a fan of old-looking compositions or styles, this logo will suit them very well.

Logotype #27

An important looking and authoritative logo, which really gives a sense of power and trust.

Logotype #28

Elegant and magical, this logo really evokes a lot of feeling and is sure to impress!

Logotype #29

With a serious and a bit scary look, this logo will fit well a very modern and new bar.

Logotype #30

Another tribute for the geeks, this time manipulating with monocromatic colors to create a simple, yet impressive brand.

Logotype #31

A logo crafted with a retro feeling, nice looking and great for a forum.

Logotype #32

This type of logo fits well new and unusual companies, having a special and interesting look and gaining all the people’s attention.

Logotype #33

For a media company, better logo than this is very hard to find. Well-done, great colored and with a nice look, this brand is surely one of the best.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Eric Vasquez says:

    Awesome collection of logos here – they are all very well executed. I feel that most of them are simple and definitely elegant. Thanks for sharing!

  2. MarkT says:

    Thanks Stelian, that was an enjoyable browse – I love these logos. :)
    It’s interesting to see some of them using gradients instead of the conventional block-colour approach to logo design, too. Cool.

    • Tom says:

      Yeah, I agree. Particularly for web-only logos it can be great to see gradients and light effects being introduced, to really make the design pop as a work of art in it’s own right.

  3. Is impressive how a simply logo could define a company.
    5 stars for this compilation. Good job

  4. Eric Vasquez says:

    It’s also worth mentioning that often times the logos that appear to be the most simple and effective took the greatest amount of effort to create.

  5. Vimal Van says:

    These are some great logos, good enough to get my taste-buds tingling, I will most definitely look at this blog when in need of some inspiration.

    Some Logos are so simple yet stand out more then the others like miquido, hotliner and lighthouse architecture.

    My favourite has to be Dance Police, Lionseek feather fly and art eagle, these logos has great creativity and ideas.

  6. grantino says:

    Waw!all of this logo give me many inspiration for a simple logo and eyecathing logo..thank you so much..

  7. Gary says:

    Safari Bar is an awesome design!!!

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