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33 Detailed Photoshop Tutorials For Working with Photos

33 Detailed Photoshop Tutorials For Working with Photos

Photography tutorials and photo manipulation tutorials are some of the most popular these days. Not only are photographers are interested in them, but also graphic/web designers and beginners. There are lots of layout or poster design tutorials nowdays, but it can be hard to find some truly detailed, professional standard photo-related tutorials. In this round-up we have collected a prominent collection of photo tutorials that are not just well-prepared but really fresh, so will hopefully teach you something new.

Achieve the Perfect Portrait Pose

A good model should know how to pose right. This tutorial will give you the tips necessary to pose like a profesional model yourself. Your job is just to learn.

Shooting a High Speed Fruity Water Splash

Think that is impossible to capture a moment? This tutorial will help you to capture the most important things in the very second when they happen.

Create a Mysterious Fashion Photo Manipulation

Today a simple photo doesn’t impress anybody. The post will help you adding a little fashion to your photos, making them atractive and cool!

Create a Surreal Floating Landscape

Here you can learn how to create fictional places where the gravity laws are defied! Have some courage and check this out!

Piece of the Arctic Pie Chart Photo Manipulation

Here you will learn how to make an insane 3D pie chart effect through photo-manipulation techniques.

A Photo Manipulators Guide To Blending

Want to add a little reality to your photos? This tutorial will teach you blending from the very start, setting your path to become a Photoshop pro!

Strking Collage Fusing Ancient and Modern Manipulation

Ancient and Modern – two things that are always in antithesis. Here wou will see how you can combine them in order to make a beautifull composition.

Light Streaks Photo

This post will show you how to add style to your photos by improving them with light streaks, easy!

How To create the perfect Christmas card

A good postcard is a postcard made by yourself. Here you will find how to create your own postcards, making you and your relatives happy!

Proffessional Post Production for Model Photograpy

Always wanted to see yourself on a magazine’s first page? This post will help you see yourself, as if you would be on the first page!

Create a Nature Inspired Digital Illustration

This beautiful and really detailed tutorial teaches you to create an awesome nature-inspired piece of art, which is really a stunning and nice example.

Creating You Own Fairytale Scene

This tutorial will teach you how to make a cool fairytale scene all by yourself from the most unexpected things!

The Ocean Girl Photo Effect

The ocean is one of the most beautifull things on Earth. This tutorial will show you how to make beautifull scenes in the ocean’s depth!

Creating Cool and Abstract Waves

Creating abstract waves can be very hard. This post will help you achieving the knowledge to create such beautiful waves.

Create a Speeding Car Scene with Light Effects in Photoshop

Speed is one thing that fascinated man. To make a realistic speeding car that would impress everybody is not that hard, all you just need to do is to see this tutorial.

Giving Your Photograph an Antique Look

A antique thing usually is very precious, so this tutorial will give your photos a true antique look, raising their values very much!

Serene Fantasy Photo Manipulation

This post will teach you how to make a superb landscape from different photos. All you have left to do is to imagine!

The Babel Tower Photo Manipulation

This tutorial will help you creating ancient structures guided by your fantasy. Now you can give a new look to the past!

Create a Digital Glamorous Illustration

Creating a glamorous illustration? No problem! Here you will find all the glamorous secrets for your glamorous picture!

Amazing Landscapes Using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop

Here you will find how to improve your landscape using Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw. Check it out!

Create a Futuristic Photo Illustration with Photoshop

Nobody knows what lies in the future. But with the help of this tutorial you can give a new futuristical look to your illustration, making it one of the most awesome things ever seen!

Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation

This one will help you creating an amazing surreal photo, making your photo a piece of art with just simple imagination and some little tricks.

Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation

Want to improve your photo by adding pasion? Or maybe a little emotion? This tutorial will help you achieve this by teaching you the art of creating cool flames effect in Photoshop.

Create a Blueprint Photo Manipulation

Thought that is hard to work with 3D objects, even creating realistic images with it? This post will show you how to make a realistic blueprint from an 3D object.

Create a Fallen Rain Soaked Angel Composition

Here you will find out how to create a stylish surreal composition from regular photos that won’t leave anybody indifferent!

Create a Striking Scene Inspired by Nature

The nature is one of the marvellous things in the world. With it you can create magnificient nature scenes all by yourself! Here you will find out how.

Create a Snow Frog Manipulation

The tutorial will teach you how to manipulate photos in order to transform something usual into a cool-looking fictional thing, adding to your photos a bit of style.

Create a Stunning Product Shot using Lighting Effects

Here you will learn how to improve a product using professional lightning effects. Don’t be scared by “professional”! In this tutorial all is explained even for beginners!

Create a Castle Hallway Photoshop

If you want to create an impressive hallway, you should check this tutorial. You will find out how to pass your ideas into reality using Photoshop!

Remove Giraffe Spots with Photoshop

With Photoshop you can acomplish some of the most bizarre things in the world. Here you will see how to undress a girafe using Photoshop, creating a hilarious and original image.

Create a Nature-Inspired Photo Manipulation

Here you will see how it’s possible to manipulate nature, making a beautifull photo that would give a serious reason to think about the man’s influence on the nature!

Create a Cloaked Sword Assasin Manipulation in Photoshop

Creating a modern mysterious photo is not a easy task today. But this tutorial will help you understand the process of creating such pieces of art!

Create an Awesome Spage Age Composition

Wanted to see yourself in a virtual space? This awesome tutorial will help you achieve your dream, allowing you to create a cool space age composition!

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