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35 Photoshop Tutorials to Create Surreal Artwork

35 Photoshop Tutorials to Create Surreal Artwork

Surrealism is clearly a popular style within traditional art, yet has also become increasing popular with the digital community. Digital art is a great medium to explore surrealism, as within Photoshop you can totally manipulate photographic elements and contort them into an alternate reality. In the following round-up we have collected a set of well-written and beautiful surrealist photoshop tutorials to help you master your technique.

Create a Galaxy Angel Surreal Art Piece

This tutorial focuses on the work with basic stock photos in order to create a magnificient picture.

Create an Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration

An amazing and confusing world achieved with the usage of some usual tools and a little bit of imagination.

Making of a Forest Surreal Scene

Create a magical and mystical forest scene that will impress anyone with it’s beauty.

Hpw to create a Dark Surreal Illustration in Photoshop

Give your pic a thriller look with this detailed, yet easy-to-follow tutorial. You’ll learn how to blend multiple photographic elements smoothly and realistically.

Create a Magical Golden Winged Boot

Here you will find out how to make almost everything more special, adding some supernatural details to them.

Create a Stunning Dragons Attack Poster

A well-done and great tutorial to help you creating pictures with a lively action and a apocalyptic nature.

How to Make a Surreal Photo Manipulation

Water is a force that is hard to control, almost imposible. Master the technique of the work with water together with this amazing tutorial.

Create an Orange Sky Poster

Learn to work with collages together with this tutorial, finding out also how to create original pictures and backgrounds.

Design a Surreal Floating Eifel Tower Scene

Control the space, guided by this tutorial in order to tell the world your feelings and ideas, making imposible things become true.

Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop

It’s hard to make your pictures with a little feeling in them. Learn how to make them original and how to underline the feelings in it.

Design an Epic Fantasy Scene with Photoshop

Knights are probably the most awesome elements that can be used for a pic with an istorical or epic thematic, this tutorial helping you out.

Create a Divine Angel Montage in Photoshop

Here you will learn how to make a realistic and inspiring picture with a mythical subject.

Creating a Fantastic Fantasy and Surreal Night Sky

Decorate the night of your dreams with this amazing tutorial which will learn you some useful tips and tricks.

Create a Magic Crystal Ball

A great tutorial which is to help you in combining some basic techniques in order to achieve something nice and with a realistic look.

Create a Powerball effect for Movie Poster

Have you ever been interested how a movie poster is done? Well, in this tutorial you will find all your questions related to this topic.

Creating an Surreal Island Artwork

Manipulate even the earth itself with the help of this tutorial, making a simple island from scratch being an easy task.

The making of Platinum Luxury Art in Photoshop

With this simple tuitorial even the most monotonous picture will become a true piece of art by just some mouse clicks.

Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Photo Manipualtion

This tutorial informes you on about how you should combine more simple elements to create a surreal complex picture.

Creation of a Fantasy and Surreal Poster

Here you will learn that even the most gorgeous surreal pictures can be done from some simple and usual photos.

Make a Stunning Black and White Falling Scene

Design a cool black-and-white composition with the help of this nice tutorial, also learning some tricks when working in Photoshop.

Make a Surrealistic Room Photo Manipulation

A good tutorial to learn the basics of photo manipulation, creating optical ilusions that will be liken by anyone.

Create an Outstanding Frame Horse Scene

Take a thing beyond the usual “box”, learning at the same time some handy secrets together with this tutorial.

How to Make a Dark and Mysterious Tv Head Scene

Everything is possible with this strange but amazing tutorial that will help tou in creating original pictures.

The Creation of a Life of Aquatic Sounds

Create a beautiful and unusual photo that will discover something new in the old and well-known.

Surreal 3D Outdoor Room Scene in Photoshop

Here you will learn about the usage of 3D style in Photoshop and some tricks to use it in your usual creations.

Design a Surreal Desert Scene in Photoshop

An awesome manipulation to shock everybody around you! Here you will find out that this is possible and it is not so hard to acomplish it.

Create an Intenst Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation

Express your way of seeing the end of the world and what will be after it, making your picture more emotional and give a message to it with this intense tutorial.

Create a Surreal Sky Castle Scene

Here you will find some guidance in the work with unusual situations, proving you that almost everything is possible.

Create a Distressed Surreal Cityscape

A good way to create a matte painting, a techinque that gains popularity really fast, is to consult this tutorial, with a good example of this techniques in it.

Create a Surreal Scene via Combining Landscape Images

A handy and quick way to create something nice and valorous is to visit this tutorial to learn the how a good image can be obtained by using landscape images.

Make a Surreal Atmospheric Phone Booth Scenery

Create a mysterious, with a heavy atmosphere picture guided by this tutorial, so you will master more easily this techniques.

Create a Dark and Surreal Photo Manipulation

This tutorial learns you how to create photos with a dark and mysterious theme, making them very impresive and realistic.

Making of a Surreal Space Ahe Landscape

Space is a magnificient place, and it can be combined with different sugestive elements. Here you will learn how you can do that in your own creation.

Create a Surreal Turtle Image

Learn how to control the lightning in your creations to show only what is truly important in your creations, changing their tone and atmosphere.

Design a Surreal Poster inspired by Inception Movie

Find out how you should create a realistic atmosphere and environment in Photoshop, finding some really useful tips and tricks in this awesome tutorial.

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  1. Chris says:

    Some great tutorials in there! I love surreal art. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Eric Vasquez says:

    Indeed! Very nice collection with helpful tips.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Apr. 13, 2011. Thanks again.

  4. Wow, some really nice techniques used in some of these tuts. Looking forward to trying some out!


  5. Photo shop manipulation is always a great skill to have. Thanks a lot for this set there are some amazing tutorials, I’m inspired to learn more from these tutorials I especially like The Creation of a Life of Aquatic Sounds. These tutorials are also a good source to learn advanced techniques.

  6. NFLMASTER says:

    so beautiful, especially “Making of a Forest Surreal Scene”

  7. On Sydney says:

    Hi Stelian, thank you for sharing these. The tutorial on photo manipulation is incredible.

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