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40 Dark and Stylish Website Designs

40 Dark and Stylish Website Designs

Whilst many websites opt for the bright and bold approach, many others favor a dark, stylish color palette. The darker web design style can lead to some really stylish results, bringing out the atmosphere/mood of the content far more than a plain white background.

We’ve compiled 40 Dark and Stylish Website Designs to help inspire you in your daily designing! Enjoy!

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Salim says:

    Expectet some really “dark” designs which havent such an friendly and cosy touch. Would like to see an best of of them (:

    Anway a good choice.

  2. Mars says:

    very elegant website, black is so the new neat thingy

  3. babloodmax says:

    Hi Buddy!!!

    Why always the white like black.. i think + & – ve concept in designs too.. meet again.

  4. Vim says:

    Dark themes on a website looks great, stands out when small amount of white or light colour is applied to the site, could we have a post for colorful sites as well? great post Tom very inspirational.

  5. Garcya says:

    Looking good, great list!

  6. TDz says:

    i love black theme too.
    would like to share mine

  7. Shven says:

    As a webdesigner I mostly use light backgrounds.
    Inspired by blogposts like these, I recently designed (a wine merchant). I’m quite satisfied with the result, the dark design gives the impression of being at a wine cellar.

  8. [...] recently posting 40 Dark and Stylish Website Designs, one of our regular community members Vim requested a post showcasing colorful website [...]

  9. lemon says:

    good web designer!

  10. the grunge effect backgrounds are really nice and cool…

  11. Capricon design was awesome and dodge is pretty stylish… very professional

  12. I really like dark themes used on websites as other colours stand out more. Most of the sites I design tend to be dark and this post gives me some new inspiration. Thanks.

  13. iris says:

    Black is the new Red, i totally agree!!
    Website with dark fonts and designs gain attention rapidly and grab the attention of a person. Thanks for showing a variety of web designs. Thhats really impressive.

  14. Infaweb says:

    Personally I build most of my client’s sites with a white background, however viewing some of these eye catching designs has made me reconsider that approach. I particularly like the color scheme of Breezi’s Website.

  15. does anyone has a good list of white background? just curious :)

  16. Geekyard says:

    Wow nice collection… These designs are mind blowing and cool ;)

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