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5 Weird and Inspiring Origami Projects

Strange, but Beautiful…

The projects featured in this post all do something quite different from what we’ve come to normally expect of origami artwork. Some works subvert our expectations, whilst others simply shock us with their unconventional compositions and structure. However, all of the works within these 5 projects are extremely beautiful, and I hope that they inspire you today!

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Esquire Origami Project

From what I can learn, this project is highly unique. The giant origami sculptures appear to have actually been placed within natural settings and then photographed. Both the origami and photography skills displayed are awe-inspiring, and the result is a truly unique, visual collection.


This project uses fairly simple origami, but in a very striking away. The bold colours and regimented composition is truly beautiful. I especially love the paint drips emerging from the origami creatures.


This project has a very strange and unique outcome, but is nonetheless beautiful. The artist has constructed a large wig out of origami, and has combined this with strong lighting, and excellent photography.


This project is very interesting. The model appears to be imprisoned and trapped by the origami structures that tower above her. The theme of passivity and imprisonment really gives a sense of power to what is only, we must remember, pieces of folded paper and card. The harsh angular lines and shadows of the structures add to this sense of imposing, trapping power.

Black Origami

This is probably the most simplistic project featured in this post. The origami and backgrounds in this collection show just how much colour can effect the ‘feel’ of art. Traditionally origami is of course associated with white, spotless paper. By subverting this tradition, the relatively simple structures of this project become extremely striking.

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  1. Origami is an interesting art, i really like the different art forms which are incorporated in these images, Cocettes is my fav one!! Thanks for the inspiration

  2. jason says:

    this is one of the best uses of origami i’ve seen in a while

  3. Grafpedia says:

    I am trying to create myself a few planes, birds, etc. If my results will be good i will post here some links.

  4. Origami is such an interesting art, never fails to amaze me. The complexity of some of the projects blow my mind considering I struggled with the swan from Prison Break!

  5. Zacha says:

    Wow, great origami ideas! I was wondering what specific programs do you use, sorry I am a beginner, can u provide me with some tutorials as a start please, I would really appreciate that.



  6. Vance Cones says:

    Excellent info. I’m new to this sort of thing and very much appreciate this type of info on the subject. Thanks alot!

  7. Wow beautiful images of origami. I must compliment you on your website too, I can see you have a very nice taste in colour and composition :)

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