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50 Fresh and Awesome Free Fonts

50 Fresh and Awesome Free Fonts

Some time has passed since we had a font round-up, so today we bring you 50 fonts, featuring some really beautiful and stunning examples. This kick-ass compilation of free and awesome fonts features some rare examples, as well as some popular classics!


Alpha 63



Flow Motion





Permanent Marker


Linden Hill


Josefin Slab

Tipografia Knema


Big Mouth


Denne Shuffle

Yellow Cream



Gabriel Serif

The Underdog Journey

Ornata Musa

Say Two



Food Deserts


Alt Tiwo


Oricneo Stencil








Honey Scrip



Muse Free

Bebas Neue




District Thin


About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Tom says:

    Wow, what a great roundup Stelian! There are actually plenty of fonts here that I haven’t seen before, and believe me I’ve been dying for some new ones!

  2. Felipe says:

    awesome collection!!

  3. Filomena says:

    Absolutely fantastic… thanks so much :)

  4. The Rampant says:

    Really nice collection! There are some really beautiful ones, Dilys is especially nice.

  5. Eric Vasquez says:

    I like Age and Melbourne a lot as well – overall this is a really sweet collection of fonts!

  6. Nick Hammond says:

    Hey its Nick Hammond here, creator of the Circles font you posted. Just stopping by to say thanks so much for the mention! Also wanted to just point out that the link doesn’t work for my work unfortunately ha. If you could fix that I would be incredibly grateful!

    Heres the fixed links:


    • Tom says:

      Hey Nick. First of all, congrats on creating such a great font :) . The url was right, but for some reason the ‘/’ was messing it up. All fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. Nick Hammond says:

    Ha thanks! I knew there was something a little goofy because everything looked correct, guess I just overlooked that extra little / in there. Appreciate the post :D

    • Tom says:

      Yeah, looks like we had that problem with a couple of other links. I’ll be more aware of it in the future. Cheers for the blog post back btw :) .

  8. hp says:

    Awesome collection! Keep it up! :)

  9. Brent says:

    This is a really nice array of fonts. Usually I come across a font collection and it is inundated with overly stylized fonts that have very little use. But the majority of these appear to be readily useful in a variety of applications. Thank you.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Brent! That’s exactly what we’re going for, usable, applicable resources. I love new font roundups because I just look through the list and start picturing how I’d use the fonts in practical compositions.

  10. Sebastian says:

    Nice pack. Thanks!

  11. dave hill says:

    Very nice collection. Is it just me or is the link to Dilys faulty ? Thanx anyway

  12. Donna says:

    Nice collection of fonts sets. Thanks for sharing…

  13. Thanks for these awesome and unique fonts! “Irvine” and “Four” look perfect for movie flyers I’ve been working on!

  14. Alex Marti says:

    Wow..these are great. Looking at all these different fonts can really jump start some creativity. Thanks for the freebe……..

  15. Paainnn says:

    Hmmm, some of the fonts had conditions to be downloaded which required giving away my email in order to get the fonts, which for me smells like SPAM. Second, some of the websites linked didn’t even share the download links, and if they did, there was some sort of condition (signing up to a website, mailing list or a “donation”), I do thank the people who were legit and truly shared their fonts for free without deceiving text.

    • Tom says:

      I find that annoying too, although I’m not sure these sites are going to SPAM you. I usually just sign up and then unsubscribe if I’m not interested.

  16. Rob says:

    Great collection! Thanks!

  17. Mainual says:

    Thanks for beautiful fonts, some of them is really fantastic

  18. Jose Tapia says:

    I really apreciatte your efforts to compart these beautiful fonts, thank you

  19. Great collection of fonts. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to trying some of these at the earliest opportunity.

  20. Shapewear says:

    Great collection, thanks for sharing. Especially like Gabriel Serif.

  21. Desaru1310 says:

    How do I download them?

  22. Anffet says:

    Awesome recopilation! Congrats from Spain :)

  23. Great fonts, Stelian. Keep up the good work (…and thank you for posting)

  24. Very nice collection of cool fonts. Thanks for posting.

  25. Thank you so much tom, I liked your fonts so far and now going to make a logo for my site using one of your font! Thank alot…

  26. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 1 post on Aug. 25, 2012. Thanks again.

  27. Mike Arrow says:

    For the exception of the few fonts, the collection of fonts here are just crazy attractive. My personal favorite’s Circles, but to each his own because so many of them are just so appealing to the eyes. I love MerriWeather and Permanent Marker too. I think they’d go very well with certain websites.

  28. Rose says:

    Wow!!! Completely awesome, I use them all the time for my homework!!! :)

  29. Nalaka says:

    Thankyou Tom, realy nice fonts collection!

  30. Jasmine says:

    This might be totally self-explanatory, but I am not sure what to do with the fonts once I have downloaded them. Like I can’t find them in my folder.

  31. Mike says:

    Food Deserts is not free :(

  32. Very nice fonts …. I have bookmarked for future reference. Thank you for posting. :-)

  33. Sheldon says:

    I have tried to download “Adec” but it won’t let me download when it gets to the page, any help please?

  34. Logiser says:

    How do I download this pack? it’s not in the freebie pack

    • Tom Ross says:

      Hi Logiser, this isn’t a pack, but rather a list of awesome fonts. If you click each font you’ll be able to go through to the source site and download it.

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