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PSDFAN VIP Members Area!

Today we have a great giveaway to celebrate the launch of our VIP Members Area.

Simply leave a comment suggesting what kinds of tutorials or downloadable files you would like to see in the members area, and stand a chance to be one of 3 lucky winners!

Each winner will receive a full 3 month subscription to the VIP Area, giving them access to all of our 185+ source files and all members only tutorials/downloads.

Contest Rules

To enter, simply leave a comment suggesting what kinds of tutorials or downloadable files you would like to see in the members area. This can be anything from ‘more paper textures’ to ‘a tutorial on creating a retro ad campaign’, really whatever you can think of!

This contest will run until Friday March 5th, when 3 winners will be chosen at random.

Each winner will receive a 3 month subscription to the PSDFAN VIP Members Area.

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About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Cool competition!! I would love to see an amazing photo-manipulation with original source file – I might be able to actually learn how to do them then!! Can’t wait!

  2. Callam Williams says:

    more tutorials on how to professionally edit a photograph – not enough people know this!

  3. adone says:


    I’m looking tuts: Posters (movie, festival, concert), web layouts (band, grunge), 3d typo in photoshop, flyer, surreal photo-manip, photo-retouch, advertise for press (perfums, cars, watchs, clothes, sport wear).

  4. Danstyled says:

    designing for ecommerce is always interesting i’ve done a few ecommerce sites never really wrote about what i considered when designing.

  5. wyeko says:


    I would love to see some UI and Icon tutorials.

  6. Superyms says:


    I already like what is proposed in psdfan, i wanna test the vip area!

  7. sriganesh says:

    Thanks for the giveaway !! i like to see more icon tutorials for beginners, like high glossy, i always wanted like that. and your photo manipulation technique is so good , continue that . :D
    RT done :

  8. Marcie_H says:

    Thanks for the give away. Also loved the great metal textures you linked to in Twitter.

  9. Mike Smith says:

    I think tutorials on photo manipulation and/or logo design would be awesome.

  10. Derek Mantle says:

    There are tons of subjects I’d like to see, but you are doing a fine job covering some of those already.
    Two things I’d like (because I’m greedy) are high-end portrait retouching and maybe an intensive design a website in Photoshop all the way to html deployment.

  11. Carlos Carvalho says:

    I want to see more step-by-step tutorials for convert PSD to XHTML,CSS with more advanced PSD’s and intercalling PSD with Flash, like a Website with a Flash header.

    Thanks for this competition.

  12. jeprie says:

    i want to see more integration between photoshop and 3d program like 3DS Max.

  13. Sweet I would love to win this. As far as what tuts I would like to see.. I’m really into graphic ads and such lately so I would love to see some photo manipulation tutorials and basic page layout tutorials!

  14. vicki says:

    I’d like to see more tutorials on icon creation as well. Something I am quite interested in, and it would be invaluable.

  15. Saulo says:

    I would love to see more web design related tutorials using photoshop : D.

  16. dimi says:

    Would love to see more Usability tutorials, UI/UX better practices!


  17. Stratos says:

    I would like to see more tutorials about web design!

  18. I’d like to see photo manipulation tutorials :)

  19. brum says:

    PSDfan is great website for photoshop lovers. And i wanna see more text effects tutorial and sources files…

  20. Hi!
    I would really like to se more of these website tutorials.
    Just love them here!

  21. Zack Esgar says:

    i love web page tutorials, a tutorial covering differences in different versions of photoshop, image optimization for web!!!

  22. I’d love to see some tutorials based on poster and print design, but would also love to learn how to create seamless textures and backgrounds.

  23. Steve Robillard says:

    I would like to see some site psd’s including multiple page types (blog, static, faq, admin etc.) all with the same theme.

  24. totushi says:

    love any text effect or textures psd files :)

  25. Steve Saragian says:

    Some good tutorials on creating web layouts with Photoshop would be nice.

  26. Matt Harper says:

    Photoshop text effects for sure!

  27. Imon says:

    A tutorial on creating some digital paintings would be nice

  28. Asker says:

    It would be really great if you can write a tutorial about making the new iMAC psd template

  29. Tomas says:

    I’d like to see more tutorials on typography and web design.

  30. Joseph says:

    How about one for simple 3D rotation?

  31. Roberto says:

    I’d like to see more stuff on UI design :)

  32. Sajs says:

    Tutorials about web layouts.

  33. Swati says:

    Thanks for this offer! Would love to see more of UX layouts, textures and backgrounds in web design, package designs, photo manipulations with trees and animals.

  34. Francesco says:

    Hello…tutorials with focus on design for Mobile….web and/or app

  35. Ben Royles says:

    moer website design please

  36. tousgeeks says:

    Hello, why not webdesign’s PSD

  37. Snow says:

    Well, some PSD and Template Conversion to CSS/HTML Tutorials would be good :D

  38. parthu says:

    Hi nice to see this………
    i would like to see some more text effects, photo manipulations, some lighting effects…..

  39. I would like to see more icon and logo design based tutorials!

  40. kulafihi says:

    potoshop tuts are what i am looking for

  41. Steven Hall says:

    The tutorials are great. I would like to see some restoration tips.

  42. mare says:

    Historical/educational informational BEFORE Photoshop was used!!! Blast from the past!

  43. czar says:

    I would like to see more typography tutorials and psd files

  44. Su Hall says:

    Ooh! Let’s see. I love the tutorials, with the resource files, where one can learn one of the many, cool PS features better, ending up with a decent lesson and an awesome final image to show for it. I don’t ask much! LOL

    Thank you so much!


  45. Phil says:

    Photoshop tutorials primarily, but I’m also interested in Bryce tutorials.

  46. AzzePis says:

    I’ll win, cause i believe in that :)

  47. Risa says:

    I would LOVE to see tutorials from beginning to end on how to design awesome logos, out of the box business cards, flyers…more corporately oriented along with the source material and easily downloadable tutorials. That would be just a little piece of heaven. Btw, you guys really rock and I love you all, no matter what xoxoxo!

    ps, most of my work is done in Photoshop, but I’m open and willing to learn other apps too. :)

  48. Andy says:

    I would like to see tutorials on designing flyers for print and incorporating photos into vector based designs.

  49. G Mali says:


    All the design blogs so far give us tutorials on how to use photoshop to create something. What I would like to see, are tutorials that explain WHY to use certain tricks and techniques (such as WHY we chose a specific typeface, color, size etc.), or when is it a good idea to use special effects (such as bokeh, drop shadow etc..) and when it isnt… These would be the most RICH, and USEFUL tutorials on the web.

    Thanks for the contest, and I hope to win the membership! :)

  50. John says:

    I would like to see some ecommerce designs. Thanks for this contest.

  51. deb Christensen says:

    I’d love to see some tutorials about design decisions, rather like what G Mali just suggested! And a series of lessons for those of us who are not just pen-challenged, but downright pen-phobic! ;)

    Congrats, you guys! Way to rock the community!


  52. Voras says:

    I’m especially interested in logo design tutorials – from the very beginning till the very end of the process. However, I’d vote for more generic tutorials that explain the logics behind each step rather than “create a tree-like logo in PhotoShop” type of articles. I’m very much interested what are the “rules” that help you decide whether you need text in logo or not, what font should be used, how to get from understanding the business to actually creating a logo concept.

  53. RoelVda says:

    My interest goes out to full user interface tutorials.
    Thanks in advance

  54. Stella says:

    I would love to see more step-by-step tutorials for convert PSD to XHTML,CSS with more advanced PSD’s and Usability tutorials!


  55. Semut Design says:

    Hi I love this contest!

    I request full basic up to advanced tutorial on lighting effect also movement effect too.
    Thanks in advance.

  56. sama says:

    here my comment

  57. Mars says:

    as I am very much interested in Web design and photo manipulations, may I suggest to have those kinds of downloads.

  58. Colin says:

    Great compo.

    Love to see more tuts on Website layout/design and taking that to CSS.


  59. Evert says:

    I’d love to win a subscribtion!

  60. Jonas Calvo says:

    i want to see more Photoshop and Web tutorials.

    Cool site


  61. Pawel says:

    I would like to see more: how to create web layouts with PS

  62. Zebin says:

    I would love to see a complete tutorial about print design.. u know right from the design to tricks and tricks on designing for print.

  63. Alfredo Arriaza says:

    excellent guys thanks for the opportunity

  64. Chuck says:

    Thank you for all the hard work.

  65. I’d love t check out the VIP area.

  66. [...] is currently running a giveaway to celebrate the launch of it’s new VIP Members [...]

  67. Shaimifch says:

    Nice compo !!

    I would like to see more web layouts and PSD2CSS/XHTML tuts.

    and thanks for this opportunity.

  68. Enk. says:

    I’d love some UI stuff and High-Res Background Textures and Patterns (grunge, abstract, etc)

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