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Design Cocktail 5 Review

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Design Cocktail 5

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When I was contacted by Designious to write a review of their latest design bundle Design Cocktail 5 I agreed almost without looking at what this bundle offers. Of course, I did go and check out exactly what was on offer, but from my years in the design community I’ve come to associate Designious with consistent quality.

Designious have built up a strong brand over the past years, setting themselves as one of the go-to places for quality vectors designs, brush sets and t-shirt designs. I’ve used their designs in the past and it’s really evident how much care and attention they spend on their releases. This bundle is no different, and all of the designs are really detailed and professional.

Today I’m going to look over just what this bundle has to offer, what sets it apart from many of the other bundles available today, and some of my favorite designs within the set.

What’s Included in the Bundle:

There are a lot of design bundles being released these days, so it can be hard to stand out. However, Design Cocktail 5 certainly offers bang for your buck! I’ve already touched on the high quality that Designious brings to the table, but here is a full list of what’s included with the bundle:

  • Grunge Mega Vector Pack – value $45
  • 6 Vintage Vector Packs (unreleased) – value $60
  • Spring Mega Vector Pack – value $50
  • Glamor Girls Vector Collection (unreleased) – value $80
  • 20 Photoshop Brushes Packs – value $200
  • 10 T-Shirt Designs – value $100
  • Addons for Illustrator (unreleased) – value $20
  • Addons for Photoshop (unreleased) – value $20
  • Snype WordPress Theme (unreleased) – value $79
  • Innovate PSD (unreleased) – value $15
  • Medieval Font 2 – value $15
  • Business Cards Set – value $45

You can see that whilst the bundle includes some great Designious products already available, it also contains some highly exclusive items. This means that some of the items in the bundle will be relatively unique when used in your work, helping set you apart from the hoards of designs overusing popular free designs.

Great Value!

The value of this bundle is undeniable. The affordable $29 price tag means a whopping 96% discount!

Designious have no trouble finding an audience for their regularly priced items, so to receive that kind of quality for less than a dollar per item is insane!

What Sets This Bundle Apart?

For me the main things that set this bundle apart from most others are quality and consistency.

I’ve noticed that many bundles offer a few flagship items to attract sales, and then fill the rest of the bundle with fluff.

Design Cocktail 5 ensures that every item offered is of top quality. This means that you won’t receive any low-quality filler items, only practical, applicable, beautifully designed items.

My Favorite Designs

Whilst I love all of the designs in this bundle, I think my personal favorite would be the t-shirt designs (shown above). They’re absolutely beautifully designed, and incredibly detailed. Even outside of using them for a t-shirt I’d love to get one of these designs on a poster.

A close runner up would be the vintage vector packs, which are also incredibly detailed, and beautiful looking! Why not let us know your favorite designs from the pack in the comments below?

Limited Time Offer

I should stress that this bundle is only available until March 21st. Be sure to go and purchase it using the link below if you’d like to take advantage of this incredible value before the deal expires:

Design Cocktail 5 – Purchase Page

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