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Flickr Group Roundup 2

Time for Another Roundup!

Since the PSDFAN Flickr Group has now crossed 50 members and received almost 200 great images, I figured it was about time for another group roundup.

The group is displaying a hell of a lot of talent, and so I thought that I’d post more than the 5 images that I’d originally planned to. Here are some of my favorites. Hopefully they’ll inspire your own designs, and I’m sure the artists would appreciate your comments and feedback:

The Work:

What are you Waiting For? Join Up!

If you haven’t joined the Flickr group yet then what’s stopping you? You could get featured in the next roundup if you’re good enough, and it’s a great way to show of your work and become part of the community.


About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Salmen says:

    Thks man….

  2. Tom says:

    No problem Salmen, I hope you enjoyed them :)

  3. Salmen says:

    The third is my photos…..

  4. Tom says:

    Oh sorry my bad, I wasn’t sure what you were saying thanks for… That was one of my favorite images anyway, keep up the great work :)

  5. Tanaka13 - Créations du Net says:

    Damned! in the first place! i am honored.
    Thanks a lot for showing my work Tom ;)

  6. Tom says:

    No problem Tanaka, I really like your work.

  7. Chris says:

    YES! thanks for featuring my work!

  8. Tom says:

    No worries Chris, thanks for the mention on your blog.

  9. Chris says:

    I love the 4th one :] But wow there should be a 2009 flickr roundup :P

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