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Massive $600 RSS Subscription Contest

A Comment Contest With a Difference…

Welcome to PSDFAN’s biggest contest to date. This will work just like our previous comment contests, but with a difference.

I will be giving out the prizes when I reach 4000 RSS Subscribers. That may sound like a way off, but it’s very plausible. PSDFAN is still growing well, but I’ve never chosen to push my subscription options too much. Whereas some websites include a HUGE RSS icon, a free e-book for subscribers, or various other RSS promotions, I’ve always focused more on my content. Due to this, my visitor base has gone up and up, and to fair so has my subscriber count. However, I’m really keen to get my content to even more feedreaders/inboxes.

Be sure to subscribe today.

The Prizes

As a little extra incentive, I’ve compiled my largest prize fund ever. I’ll be giving away a huge $631.70 worth of prizes!

FIRST PRIZE: $400 Graphic River Giveaway

The recently launched graphics marketplace GraphicRiver have kindly offered $400 of marketplace credit to PSDFAN readers. I’ve decided to offer $100 of marketplace credit to 4 lucky winners.

GraphicRiver is the latest Envato marketplace, and it looks to be a great one:

“At GraphicRiver you can buy and sell royalty free layered Adobe Photoshop Files, Vector Graphics, Icon Sets and Add-ons for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s like having an entire graphics department at your fingertips!

Files are priced from just one dollar, based on the complexity, quality and use of the file. Anyone is free to sign up for an account and begin trading or purchasing files.”

I’m a big fan of the Envato marketplaces, and highly recommend that you go and check it out.

SECOND PRIZE: $180 Service from FoxyCart is kindly offering $180 worth of services to PSDFAN readers, which equates to 6 months subscription of their service (value: $90), plus a $90 custom subdomain.

Foxycart makes ecommerce simple. You can manage sales of a downloadable, shippable or subscription product, and even customize the html/css to suit your needs.

The service is extremely easy to implement, and you even get stats of your sales sent directly to you. Go and check out their services today!

THIRD PRIZE: 1000 Full Color Business Cards is offering 1000 full color 2 sided business cards. These cards look highly professional, and even include a free U/V Glossy Coating.

How to Enter

Please carefully read the terms and conditions of this contest below, and good luck!

> Winners will be selected once PSDFAN has reached 4000 RSS subscribers, and not based on any specific time frame. All entries are valid up to this point.
> To enter you must comment with ‘SUBSCRIBED!’ or if you want a chance of winning the GraphicRiver marketplace credits ‘SUBSCRIBED! + Your GraphicRiver UserName’. You can register for GraphicRiver here.
> If you do not enter a GraphicRiver username you will still be eligible to win a 2nd or 3rd place prize.
> You may only enter once, I will be checking IPs and emails to prevent multiple entries.

Subscribe Today

So let’s get this ball rolling. Subscribe today to receive the best Photoshop updates.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  155. [...] of you may have seen the recent $600 RSS Subscription Contest that I [...]

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  215. [...] PSDFAN Massive $600 RSS Subscription Contest has finally come to a [...]

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    Hi I about to release Sponsored Themes Buddy – a web software that help anyone who willing to run a sponsored themes.

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