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Red Color-Scheme Websites That Are Done Right

Red Color-Scheme Websites That Are Done Right

Inspiration is consistently a problem for both established and aspiring designers. They either browse through huge website galleries where a lot of websites are listed, or you can look between such posts, which are greately categorized and related to a single topic. In this round-up, we’ve listed more that 30 kick-ass websites that use red as their primary color, which look damn good, and are great sources to get inspired.

Surfire Pizza

A beautiful usage of the red color in order to create a spicy but friendly atmosphere.

Daksha Design

Here the red color is giving this site a hot and impressive look for its clients.


The red color combines with the usual italian white and green to create a perfect air for advertising a restaurant.

Dark Crimson

A calm and pleasant-looking site that gives a serious and nice impression, even if it is full of different ranges of red.

Fancy App

A stylish and impressive site that centers the user’s attention on the red platform where the most important message is stored.

Far from Fearless

An awesome usage of the red color to create a stunning and unforgetable feeling.

Echoes 4 Ever

A hot and attractive design that will surely show the author’s true skills.

Co Design Studios

A shiny and pleasant design that creates a special feeling even if it full of different ranges of the red color.

GH Group

The red color used in this design gives a royal and important look great for advertising.

Dulles Dodge Ball

A spicy theme that will surely fire up the interested ones and attract more visitors.

Doug Dosberg

A simple and friendly design that uses the red color to make an intro on the following subjects.

Biljard Palladium

A elegant and serious look granted by this red will surely attract more customers.

Pizza Inn

The red color introduces the visitor in the popular italian atmosphere great for presenting your products.


The usage of the red color gives some fire and action for this sport site, making it more appropriate for its meaning.

Jon Wallace Design

A serious and interesting look granted by the usage of the red color, impressing the visitors in such a way.

Muzie Park

The red color gives a special and lively atmosphere great for a rock festival.

Snack Box Takeaway

Red is used really effectively in this design, to add bold splashes of color throughout. This helps create a really unified feeling to the page.

Zap Media

The contrast between black and red creates an amazing combination great for impressing people.


A burst of the red color awakes instantly the visitor, impressing him with the nice atmosphere.

Green Onion

An awesome usage of the red color to create a suitable air for the site, introducing the visitor in the Chinese world.

Intensity Intencities

A powerful and stunning impression is gived by this abundance of the red color.

Two Fold

This is a totally awesome and really nice-looking website. Whilst not entirely red, the casestudy page for Virgin is almost entirely red, to accentuate their brand colors.

Hot Meteor

A nice and calm look is granted by the red color in combination with the white one.


The red color gives a serious and impressive look, creating in such a way a cool atmosphere.

Me and Myaaa

A interesting and impressive design that involves large areas of the red color.

Fodo on Ano Con Talento

This is a small, and nice-looking landing page of a contest made by a small spanish company, in 2010 year.

HTML 5 Lab

The red color gives a special and unforgetable mood which surely will impress the visitor.

Pop Cap

A funny and interesting impression is gained by using the red color in this design.

Austria Sen Europa

The red color attracts and makes people ready to think about the info below.

Proiect 1000

A great way to attract all the attention is by using the red color like in this example.

Old World Creative

This is the website of a professional web design studio, called Old World Creative.

Logistik Group

The following website is also owned by a nice, and great design studio which is creatively called Logistik

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Some really nice websites in here, I think that you have to be careful with red sometimes as it can really back fire on a design sometimes. Sites in this post that stand out to me are Surefire Pizza, HTML 5 Lab and Me and Myaaa. Me and Myaaa though I think I would like with the use of any colour as the design is something really interesting and original. I will start using red more in designs now with these examples in mind, thanks!

  2. Fazreen says:

    Nice collections! I like Lamasamimatta

  3. Thanks for including the Snackbox Takeaway Magherafelt in your list it is a Website Design that us here at Reflex Studios are very happy with.

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