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I don’t want to make a habit of these kinds of posts, but I figured that it had been a while since I’d updated you all with PSDFAN’s growth. I’m only really doing so today because a couple of milestones have been broken for the website.

First of all, BuySellAds (the ad system used for PSDFAN) is telling me that my top ad is drawing over 400,000 monthly impressions! This is quite an achievement, as I remember selling my first ad here when the site was bringing it about 10% of that traffic. This is great news for potential advertisers, as my ads are now offering their best value for money since launch. I would also like to point out that I’ve researched competing sites, and PSDFAN is one of the absolute best deals on the BuySellAds network.

Secondly, Alexa shows that yesterday I broke into the top 30,000 websites in the world! Again, this is a personal record for me, and also a sign of how much the site has grown. My aim is to get my actual traffic rank into the top 50,000 websites in the next couple of months, which given my consistent ranking in the 40-50ks lately shouldn’t be too impossible.

I’ve also broken 1200 RSS Subscribers, and this number is climbing fast.

It’s really all a result of putting my all back into the site again. After the illness, work stresses and various other problems of early October, it’s great to be back on track with PSDFAN again. Everyone can look forward to more changes in the coming weeks:

I’ve begun work on a membership system that will provide .psd files for ALL tutorials.

I’m currently compiling prizes for my first competition.

I have some more great interviews lined up (one with a particularly famous designer).

I’m going to keep posting at least once every day from now on, and providing the best content that I possibly can.

You can see screenshots of all this progress below:

Help Appreciated

Whilst I can run PSDFAN alone, help is always appreciated. If you have a freebie (texture, brush set, whatever…), a cool story, article or tutorial to share, or a roundup of great posts then I would love to post it. Of course you’ll receive full credit and get to expose your work to my 5000+ daily visitors.

Finally I just want to say thanks to every member of the community here. You guys keep this place going and I really enjoy sharing my stuff with you.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. loswl says:

    WOW!!…That is some impressive stats!!..glad to find your are now one of my favorite bookmarks ;o)

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks loswl! I appreciate the bookmark :)

  3. loswl says:

    A small suggestion for the website, I think it would be cool to see some of the Photos posted in the Flickr Pool on the sidebar of the blog, like what PSDTUTS did, I think that would drive even more traffic to your site ;o)

  4. Tom says:

    Thanks for the suggestion loswl. I actually have a user link feed and flickr pool in the works, they’re just taking longer than expected to get up live. It would be bad not to have them, as every design blog these days seems to use both.

  5. Ptka says:

    Thats great, I come here everday, this site is helpful and I love all the interviews that you guys do. :D

  6. Tom says:

    Thanks for the support Ptka, I hope that you’ll stick around :)

  7. RUGRLN says:

    Good work there!

  8. Tom says:

    Thanks Rugrln. I don’t want to update again on this quite yet, but we’ve actually grown a fair bit since this post. Our ad impressions are now over 450,000! And we’ve broken to around 68,000 in Alexa. Also 1250+ subscribers.

  9. [...] may remember 13 days ago when I made the big announcement of PSDFAN reaching 400,000 ad impressions (if not you can see the post here). Well things have got a lot more exciting since then. Each day our ad impressions keep on rising to [...]

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