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Design Critiques #1 (Get Your Work Critiqued For Free)

I always get really excited whenever we launch a new post series, so without further ado I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new Design Critiques Series.

This series is exclusively available to FanExtra members, and I’m hoping it will give you all a lot of value on top of your regular membership.

We have plenty more great new types of content lined up for early 2013, but this series is something I know will benefit many of you.

It’s all well and good learning from expert tutorials and experimenting in Photoshop, but how do you know how much you’ve really progressed without the help of others?

Constructive criticism is a crucial part of becoming a better designer, and whilst comments like ‘great job!’ are good for the ego, they won’t actually help you improve your design hang ups and really push yourself.

So what do we normally do when we’re looking for feedback?

We publish our work on sites like and plaster it across our social media accounts. However, often we get little or no feedback, and the feedback we do receive isn’t very helpful.

Introducing FanExtra Design Critiques

Every week I’ll be encouraging FanExtra members to post their design work for an in depth critique.

Then, the following week I’ll give them in depth, valuable feedback on where they could improve. I’m hoping to also get some of our authors involved to contribute feedback to help you.

This is a really unique chance for you to get some solid feedback on your work.

This series is open to any type of design work. Whether you’d like an opinion on a client web design you’re working on, or you’d like to know how realistic your photo manipulation skills are, please feel free to share your work here. Seriously, logo design, print design, typography, whatever you’re working on, please post it for feedback.

I will personally review every single work you guys comment with, even if it takes me hours :) .

Just leave a comment to this post with a link to the work that you’d like reviewing

Comment to Get Free Feedback on Your Work

If you could like feedback on any of your designs, whether finished or not then post a link to the image in the comments to this post.

I will personally critique each and every suggestion that I receive this time next week.

Look out for the next installment of the series, and I hope that you’ll get involved.

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About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Very Thank for sharing your experience will try out soon

  2. Su Hall says:

    Hmmm… This might just be what I need. LOL I tried my hand at the Emotional Dreamscape. I substituted another model, though. I cannot get it to look right. I’m half-way good enough to follow the tut to the ‘T’. But, when I deviate from the tut, I don’t know how to ‘work’ the image.
    Perhaps I will have you take a look at it. I haven’t posted it as I am just not satisfied with it.


  3. Su Hall says:

    Is this the post where to put my request? If not, let me know and I will change it.

    I think this is going to be a cool addition to the site! I love seeing what others put into their work! I agree that it is very helpful to others as well!

    I have this piece I did for the tutorial, “Emotional Dreamscape”. I decided to use another model. Now, I am having a problem getting my model to look right. The tree the tut has us ‘build’ is my variation, too. I don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe you could have a look at it? I would like that! Whenever!

    I have the PSD zipped – 62mbs, or, I also posted the image. Both are in a Gallery on my blog. It’s the second piece down. I haven’t completed it in a few other ways. I got stuck on the chick.

    I wanted to tell you, too, that I am diggin’ the articles on techniques and tools and stuff! Keep it up!

    Thank you so very much!


    • Tom says:

      Hi Su,

      I hope you don’t mind, but could you possibly repost your comment in the FanExtra members area, on the Design Critique post. This way I can organize all of the member suggestions together for this week’s casestudy.

      Thanks, I can’t wait to give you some detailed feedback!


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