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Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Lennart says:


    I’m very interested in these effects.

    (the right one)

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion Lennart! I think that you may have just inspired my next tutorial :) . Check back to see what the outcome is like.

  3. Randomness says:

    Wow, Lennart, after seeing that image I gotta say I’d be impressed to see a tutorial on that also.

    As for me, I’m currently looking to create a website that is entirely a chalkboard motif, and I would love to be able to create something similar to this:

  4. Tom says:

    @Randomness: Yeah it’s gonna be tough but I’m planning on writing the tutorial for it today. As for your suggestion, the image wasn’t loading for me :( . I’d love to see it, but it said their server wasn’t responding. Could you perhaps upload it somewhere yourself so that I could see? Thanks!

  5. Lennart says:

    I’m looking forward to your tutorial ;) And by the way… your page is in this ( gallery!

  6. Tom says:

    Glad to hear it Lennart :) I’m about 1/3 done with it, it’s actually one of the coolest one’s I’ve written already – some really interesting techniques. And thanks for the heads up about welovewp!

  7. Brooke says:

    this may seem a bit odd, but i would love to learn how people mod existing icons, like the transmit and candybar mods out there

  8. Tom says:

    Hey Brooke. Thanks for the suggestion, it doesn’t seem odd at all :) . Just to clarify, are you asking how to create such icons from scratch?

  9. Randomness says:

    I uploaded the image to photobucket. Let me know if you still cant see it.


  10. Tom says:

    Haha yep that’s always helpful. Thanks for the suggestion Randomness. That image actually looks like it would be really interesting to recreate, so expect a tutorial soon for it.

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far guys, it’s proving really helpful to know what you want to see! As promised I’ll have the next tutorial based on Lennart’s suggestion soon, but it’s proving pretty difficult to write.

  11. [...] For this tutorial we’ll be trying to replicate an awesome piece of photo manipulation suggested by one of our users. If you would like to see your suggestions made into a tutorial please drop me a comment here. [...]

  12. Brooke says:

    Hi Tom!
    no, i dont mean creating them from scratch, i mean altering the originals. theres not many tutorials out there for doing things like changing the colors of existing graphics, whats the best way to select and change just one section, like the cab of the transmit truck, for example. and how to change it from yellow to blue, for example, and still have all the cab details show. how to get just the right perspective for things on the body of the truck.

    i just think its really neat and creative. something fun and personalized to have on your desktop or in your dock.

  13. Tom says:

    Ah I got you! Thanks for clearing that up Brooke. Personalized vehicles… really cool idea. I’ll definitely try and get a tutorial done on that for you :)

  14. Tom says:

    By the way Lennart, the tutorial you inspired is up now :)

  15. Toure says:

    It will be nice if you can show us how to design different animals and human body parts.

  16. Tom says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Toure, and welcome to the PSDFAN community :) Do you mean designing animal/human body parts completely from scratch, like digital painting?

  17. Cloud No9 says:

    Well I always liked and hated photomanipulation. I’ll tell you what I mean. I like photomanipulation effects that may turn various ordinary photos to something impressive, however I always found it difficult to successfully combine and fit many photos together. And this gets even worse when it comes to turning daylight photos to night ones/full moon lighted ones. ><’ Painful!

    Unfortunately I tried this a lot and here’s a result I got recently…

    So my suggestion is photomanipulation/turning daylight photos to night/full moon lighted ones! I hope you may write something about this. Thnx a lot!

    Given this opportunity, I love your tutorials ’cause they make me learn and not just follow steps. Keep up the good work!

  18. Tom says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Cloud No9. I know what you mean, photo manipulation can be very tricky but the effects can be awesome.

    I actually thought your flier was pretty cool, you did a nice job on it. I may consider a day to night tutorial, but there’s already a good one that’s been written over at PSDTUTS. You can see it here:

  19. twopo says:

    i will like to learn the techniques in making 3D typos like on this site

  20. Tom says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion twopo. I actually had planned to try an awesome 3d text effect for my next tutorial (probably tomorrow). I hope that you’ll check back then :)

  21. twopo says:

    wow that was a fast response. i check this site daily.your tutorials are amazing. Thanks

  22. Tom says:

    Heh, I make a point of pouring of a lot of effort into my sites. I really appreciate the kind words by the way, it makes it all worthwhile. :)

  23. Lennart says:

    Hey tom… what’s about a favicon?

  24. twopo says:

    @Lennart that for the link. i have been searching for such a tutorial for a while now.Hope to still get a great one from Tom

  25. Tom says:

    Thanks for the link Lennart! That was a really cool tutorial, but I’m still trying to come up with a good way to achieve a similar effect using Photoshop only, and no 3d software.

    And Lennart, do you mean that you’d like to see PSDFAN have a favicon, or like a tutorial on how to create one? :)

  26. zee7 says:

    i really need this tutorial, i tried hard to search this over the internet.
    please write tutorial on it if you can.


  27. Lennart says:

    I mean that I’d like to see PSDFAN have a favicon :D

  28. Tom says:

    Zee7: There has already been a tutorial for a very similar outcome, although I can’t remember which site posted it right now. Nick Ainley created the outcome though over at: (see about 4 images down). Is this the kind of thing you were thinking of?

    Lennart: I’ll try and design one this week :)

  29. Tom says:

    Thanks a lot Lennart, that’s the one!

  30. Tom says:

    By the way guys I started trying a 3d text tutorial but it’s much harder than I thought, if not impossible without using some kind of 3d software. Bit of a bummer but I’ll keep trying to work around it :)

  31. Dale says:

    Web buttons would be good too. :D

  32. Tom says:

    Sure :) Any examples that you would like me to try and replicate?

  33. MikeL_zO! says:

    you’re site is different from others! i like the way you interact with people and enlighten them with your ideas.. and i’m one of them. thanks Tom! you rule!

    ’bout the tut that i asked u here’s the link.

    i tried to make a logo below my edited pictures but it turned out to be pixelated when i resize it. what should i do?

    much respect to you man. thanks!

  34. Tom says:

    Thanks Mikel :) I really appreciate your support with the site. Just with regards to your tut suggestion – do you want to know how to make logos like that from scratch or just how to resize them nicely? If your logos are pixelated when you resize them then you may need to make the logo at various sizes rather than resizing one large image. It can work like this for icon design, it’s just not good enough to resize on image, you need to make a whole set full of different sizes to get really clean results.

  35. Mc says:

    Hi, I love your tutorials! Here my suggestion for a tutorial:

    I would love to learn how to work with 3D (make things go to behind and others in front of, so the things looks deep or in front of an object in the middle of the picture) in photoshop.
    - for example 3 to 4 objects, that in the first picture are all in front and not 3D like. (after and before…)
    - second step to see the first object going behind something
    - next step seeing how the other one object goes in front of so that the whole pictures become to be a deep picture and things looks like far away or near us.
    I hope I could explain what I am looking for.


  36. Tom says:

    Hi Mc. Thanks for commenting, I’m glad that you’re enjoying the site :) . That’s a cool idea for a tut. Do you mean that you want to see fitting objects into a 3d scene? So experimenting with perspective etc.

  37. MikeL_zO! says:

    Hey Tom! the tip was awesome man! Thanks again!
    I will show you my edited pics soon. You are the “Master”!! Keep rockin! \m/:)\m/

  38. Tom says:

    Thanks Mikel! I’m glad the tip worked for you :)

  39. sridhar says:

    Hi Tom
    your tutorials and the effort you put in are amazing. Can you post a tutorial for some of the works of Chuck Anderson if possible.
    Pls refer to his sit for inspiration

  40. Tom says:

    Thanks for the kind words sridhar :) That guy is awesome! I’ll definitely try and use some of his work as inspiration for some cool Photoshop tuts.

  41. Brukhar says:

    I’d love to see some tutorials on space scenes, similar to the ones by Greg Martin, Hameed, Taenaron, Burning-Liquid, and the rest of the guys over at deviantART.

  42. Tom says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Brukhar. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a space tutorial for a while now, so look out for it in the near future :)

  43. Mc says:

    Hi Tom, uhm, how can I explain it. I am interested in see how we can do things look real in an environment with Photoshop: To learn to give things and objects in a picture a deep or a near look.

    Like: In these tutorial we want to give three objects, that now looks one like another, a feeling that one of them ar near us and the other far away… I cant explain it.

  44. Mc says:

    yes, also a tut that experience with perspective and light, like:
    We see in these tutorial how to give objects a real perspective from right, left, ….

  45. Tom says:

    Thanks for getting back to me Mc. I think I know what you mean a little better now, I’ll get working on a tutorial on this topic asap!

  46. LBrother says:


    How about a tutorial in which you explain your website interface. How did you accomplish it and what are important rules for webdesigning? I really like your site, it looks clean, modern and easy-to-use.

    Keep up the work,


  47. Tom says:

    Great suggestion LBrother. I’ve actually been meaning to do a web design tutorial for a while now. Look out for it! :) Thanks for the kind words and I hope that you’ll stick around and be part of the community!

  48. Susie says:

    Hello Tom,
    Having seen just some of your tutorials I can tell that you are passionate about PSD and that you are amazing at using it.
    Whilst I like reviewing the writtten tutorials, I do (like many other people) find it much harder to follow than when the tutorial is in video format.
    As there is free video software available on the web today, have you thought about making videos of your tutorials while you create them.
    It would certainly save on the cutting and pasting and all you have to do, is just capture your screen while you are creating your projects. Voice over or captions can go in later.
    Now, as much as I would like them to be free, I think that’s unreasonable, but a small fee for download would be acceptable or to watch them online.
    What do you think? Would you be willing to create videos for us?
    I really hope so, as learning by seeing a moving action is so much easier and more enjoyable than reading reams of text.

    best wishes

  49. Tom says:

    Hey Susie,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I have considered video tutorials, but for now think that I might need to stick with written tutorials at least for a while. I’ve actually considered a video tut sister site though, so maybe look out for this in the future. It’s really about how I work, I don’t always know how things are going to go or have a particularly easy to follow way of designing, so I’m not sure if video tutorials would confuse people with all my screwing around in Photoshop :P

    I hope that you’ll stick around to read the regular tutorials though, and I honestly appreciate your comments.



  50. David says:

    Hey there, I get RSS feeds of Photoshop tutorials from I’m glad I stopped by when I saw yours. I’ll definitely be learning a lot from you. Thanks in advance for helping me become a professional designer.

    I’d like to the “Out of Bounds” effect and the “Underwater Scene” on

  51. Tom says:

    Hey David, I’m really glad you stopped by the site. I hope that you’ll stick around and subscribe :) . Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely try and come up with a tutorial for you.

  52. N E says:


    I know this is a basic thing, but I would love a tutorial on the best way to apply texture to an image or a layer. I’m still very noobie so would love to know how some of these effects with textures are created.

  53. Tom says:

    Hi NE. Thanks for the suggestion. If you look at some of my tutorials I do use textures fairly frequently, another good source for simpler techniques is’s School of Photoshop. Hope this helps :)

  54. juvelle says:

    iam very interested on using your tutorials but the problem is i dont have any idea on using photoshop. can you make your tutorials (esp. for web design) more specific?i mean can u include the instructions on using the tools?….cause i am having a hard time following the steps,,,this way,maybe it would be more user friendly,,especially for those who dont have any experience using photoshop. thank you,,,i am looking forward for your answer..

  55. Tom says:

    Hi Juvelle. Thanks for your feedback, but unfortunately I’m trying to use PSDFAN to post slightly more advanced tutorials for the time being. I appreciate that many people are trying to learn the basics, but if I had to explain everything in such detail my tutorials would be way too long. I suggest’s ‘School of Photoshop’ if you want to learn things from the ground up.

  56. Rubab says:

    Man do you have powers like X-Men’s ‘Multiple Man’ cause you sure can write tutorials very fast.

    Talking about ‘Multiple Man’, can you show me how to create a clone effect of yourself. I mean think of a city view where you can see different versions of yourself sitting, driving, running , sitting in a rooftop, cycling, riding a motor bike and inside a window creating this same image.

    I know this would be a very large image and you have to cut other peoples face and use your face because to be every person in that image.

    I hope i was able to explain what tutorial i want. Hope to see this tutorial soon if you are willing to do it.

  57. Tom says:

    Hi Rubab, thanks for the suggestion and kind words. I really just write tutorials fast by working hard, and putting a lot of effort into the site. I like your idea for a tutorial, although I may try showing people the basics of switching just one face to start with, and how to make the new face appear seamless etc…

  58. Rubab says:

    Thanks a lot Tom for your positive reply.

  59. Tom i just want to suggest a tuts for fonts effects:) it could be like abstract style or anything that looks cool;)congrats on your site your doing very well

  60. Rubab says:

    Can you kindly describe how can i replicate the effects shown in this website “”? I am talking about both the colored and sketched look. Because i have tried several photoshop comics tutorials found across the web but none of them gave me the look which i got from that website.

  61. Tom says:

    NaldzGraphics: Do you have any examples in mind? I’d love to try some more text effects, I’m just a little stumped for ideas.

    Rubab: I’ll try and come up with a tutorial for you soon :)

  62. Rubab says:

    Thanks a lot. By the way are you also going to do the one i previously asked?

  63. Tom says:

    Yep I should be doing both at some point this month. I have a few other ideas lined up first, but don’t worry :) .

  64. Jamie says:

    hey tom glad to see everythings going well with the site :) if you could help me out id love to know how to do this iv looked around for a mmonth or so now and still no look so if you could help id be extremly greatful

  65. freak says:

    i am interested in going through a tutorial for making a poster for wellfare purpsoses, such as donating for poor children’s education, glood relief etc.

    the poster should be compelling and it should be persuasive enough so that people do something for the cause

  66. Ken says:

    First of all, I always enjoy your tutorials and thank you so much.

    I am looking for a tutorial that teaches how to draw realistic texts on beach sand. I saw one image with a big “I love you Jack” text on the beach sand. It was so realistic that I though it was a real photo, but it was actually drawn with Photoshop.
    Tom, could you have such tutorial? It doesn’t have to be on the beach sand. It could be on any real surface such as the snow on car window.

  67. Tom says:

    Jamie: I’ve completed a tutorial for your request.

    Freak: Great idea, I’ll try and work on something for you soon.

    Ken: No problem, thanks for commenting. I really like your suggestion, and I’ll try and come up with something for you soon :) .

  68. [...] This tutorial is thanks to a suggestion from one of our community members. If you want to see your suggestion made into a tutorial then please feel free to suggest an idea here. [...]

  69. Jacob says:

    Hey guys, would love to see a complete Myspace DIV overlya tutorial. I have yet to see a full tut on design to code and maybe even a music myspace as well…. Would love to see PSD fan tackle this. Love your tutorials, they are extremely helpful. Keep doing what your doing!


  70. Tom says:

    Thanks for the support Jacob. Unfortunately PSDFAN is exclusively for Photoshop tutorials right now, I don’t cover coding tuts.

  71. Garcya says:

    Hi Tom, take a look at this photoshop tutorial: Combining body parts with Photoshop maybe you can add it here also. Thank you.

  72. Hello Tom, if some of my works could be in the Inspiration Page, I could be honorated!!

    Thanks for your wonderful tutorial!!

  73. Felix says:

    Feel free to use some of my work in your daily inspiration!


  74. Benjamin says:

    PSD 2009 Calendar template for your best memories:

  75. Shaw says:

    Hey Tom, i would love it if you could do a tutorial on smoke typography. Below is an example:–Type/40834

  76. Tom says:

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    Shaw: I’ll look into a tutorial for smoke text soon.

  77. bobby.tables says:

    hey tom,
    a tutorial to achieve something like would be awesome. i am pretty sure it is not a picture taken under water but duchovny is photoshopped into it. i think the outcome looks great …

    btw: i love it that one can suggest tutorials here.

  78. Tom says:

    Great suggestion Bobby! I definitely think I should be able to come up with something for that concept. Welcome to the community :)

  79. MikeL_zO says:

    Master Tom! As I was scrolling the psdfan flickr group pictures, I stumbled upon this pic..

    I wonder if you can make a tut about this product of image retouching.. I really like the outcome but doesn’t know how to make one. hahahaha!!

    help master tom! :)

  80. Schwondalia says:

    Wonderful tutorials! I would like to echo Rubab’s request for a photoshop tutorial replicating the cartoonizer effect from the website. I have tried mimicing the results, without success. Their website has exactly the look I want, but includes a splatter and wrinkled paper overlay that I don’t want.

  81. RyanJin says:

    where’s the tutl? can’t read the full post, only intro text

  82. oes tsetnoc says:

    give a tutorial on how you create the top green banner of your psdfan.

  83. Thanks for the great suggestion Lennart!

  84. Festmények says:

    Hey man is very good :)

  85. you are great, you ask what we want and you provide a tutorial for that. STUNNING IDEA…

  86. So sweeet :D Nice suggestion. Thanks.

  87. I have already started reading some of your articles. i found great articles here. And I will get back here. I just added your blog to my bookmark sites. thanks.

  88. Rusakov says:

    What about “Creating a star field” Photoshop tutorial:

  89. Maybe 1 on how designers can create a series of illustrations that match up when placed side by side.

  90. [...] actually a suggestion of some of our visitors. I always welcome user suggestions and would love to get your ideas for future [...]

  91. sidd says:

    hi…this is an amazing site….Actually I am designing a poster for our biotech can you please give a tutorial regarding some really nice biotech poster design…waiting for this tut..plz…

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