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Wix Website Builder Giveaway

Wix Website Builder Giveaway

We’ve partnered with the nice people at to give our readers access to their Free Website Builder.

The Prize/Benefits:

We are offering 2 Unlimited Accounts courtesy of Wix:

Wix’s Unlimited plan – $150 benefit:

The premium Unlimited package gives you the following features:

1. a possibility to use your own domain (instead of a domain that starts with website’s name.
2. Wix ads free – removes the Wix ads from your site’s footer and sidebar.
3. Remove Wix logo – removes the wix logo from your site including favicon and loader.
4. Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a powerful tool for analyzing traffic to your Wix website. You can track site visitors, where they come from, how long they stay, what keywords they use to find your site and more.
5. 2.5GB storage – Increasing your storage space will enable you to upload large files and high-resolution content with ease.
6. Unlimited Bandwidth – Increasing your bandwidth will allow more data to be transmitted at a faster and smoother speed.
7. Premium support.
8. 125$ voucher – $75 Google AdWords voucher + $50 Facebook voucher + free domain coupon + tips on how to use your vouchers & info on connecting your Wix site.

To Enter:

Just leave a comment on this post (make sure to leave your email so we can contact the winner).

One winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends Sunday 15th August.

Tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Arturo says:

    well, first comment!!!!! thanks, this is a great opportunity for us!!! keep up the good work!!!

  2. Nick says:

    Great giveaway! WIX is such an easy to use flash site builder. Would be awesome to win this.

  3. Tanner Pachal says:

    Hey Great Giveaway!!! I just recently was on wix about a month ago and I made a website for my facebook fan page but then I seen how much it costs so I couldnt put it up. I would really appreciate if I won!! Thanks everyone at psdfan!! BTW awesome photoshop tutorials!!:)

  4. Narendra says:

    Wow it seems a great deal, count me in.

  5. Pawel says:

    Nice giveaway! If I win, I will create my next flash site with wix ;)

  6. Cool1616 says:

    Cool Giveaway! Would love to win

  7. katy says:

    ahhh wix is awesome!

  8. Janelle says:

    Don’t have a website yet, would so love to win this!
    Thanks for the chance…

  9. George Argyrakis says:

    Good luck ;)

  10. Linda Page says:

    This would be great – been meaning to give it a go…just the inspiration needed.

  11. Bill Cronister says:

    I could really use a Wix website. I’ve explored Wix and think it is great!

  12. nitos says:

    A hope I win this =D

  13. Lj says:

    I wish I had one. I do not have the skills to create one properly. I have always felt that a ill made web site would not produce the right image right off the bat that I have in mind for mine. Many sites I leave simply due to the overall landing page presentation. It makes me think leery of the pages to follow. May sound odd. but.. true for me. I am teaching myself new things every day but website building.. well.. don’t think I can do that….. yet.. :)

  14. Matt says:

    I usually leave a comment pertaining to the article, i.e.
    I have used Wix and it’s an excellent tool for any level site builder to host their goodies. (I have.)

    Also, I like to leave an irrelevant comment just to win, i.e.

    Pick me.

  15. Alex says:

    Cool Giveaway! I love it!

  16. federico says:

    Great giveaway! Good luck people!

  17. Ali Abbas says:

    Looking forward for Great Offer!

  18. F.H. Taimur says:

    hoping to win this great luck draw….

  19. Phil says:

    Sounds good to me!

  20. Love the give aways you folks are doing, Would love to see a tutorial that takes you through the slicing and importing into dreamweaver process.

  21. Wendy says:

    great giveaway! I’d LOVE to win,and make a website to embarrass my kids!

  22. Samanthat Howes says:

    Thanks for posting this! I have just gotten wind of Wix and have done some exploring. An unlimited account would be GOLD!

  23. Sandra says:

    Wix is so awesome, I love it! Fantastic giveaway!

  24. Rahul Joshi says:

    I like this Flash CMS. Hope I win!

  25. Stephen says:

    I have a couple of other wix tabs open right now when I decided to see what’s new here. Glad I did. :p

  26. anton says:

    i experimented already with Wix and was quite impressed

  27. DanteV says:

    Awesome contest Tom! It’s been a while since I last visited the site, but I’ve been very busy.

  28. Marilyn Tycer says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks :)

  29. unlimitedgfx says:

    Just perfect! =) hehe

  30. Shaw says:

    These competitions keep getting better and better Tom! This would help me with my new website ive designed…. just dont know how to code yet :(

  31. Bob says:

    Would love to be able to use Wix to design a website!
    Great Give-away… Thanks for the opportunity to win Wix.

  32. jason says:

    i love those wix websites and they would greatly improve my current one

  33. rahulfow says:

    hope i got one……..

  34. sara says:

    am loving wix and can’t wait to get started YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!

  35. debbie says:

    I created a website for my brother’s band last night. I was surprised by all of the flexibility wix gave me to come very close to my creative vision. And there are so many options and features to use, it gave me more ideas. I am just waiting for him to tweak it so it can be published. I still can’t believe it was done so quickly.

  36. harly says:

    nice offer If I win, I will create my next flash site with wix. thanks for share this information.

  37. stanley says:

    I just found out about Wix a week ago and have already designed a website within a few hours having absolutely zero prior experience.I just wanted a simple site to showcase some of my music. I think its a great product for a beginner like myself who is still learning. Keep up the great work!

  38. Just been looking for Wix prices. As I had been on their site looking for an alternative host for my new site, (which I got free from Google and their getting GBBO (Getting British Business On-line) Google do not have a very imaginative web editor though and was looking to transfer the site and build it elsewhere. Been playing on the Wic’s site looks fantastic, better than the others I tried. It’s Monday morning over in the UK, so Googled ‘time in New York’ and its still Sunday, just gone 8pm, so with luck I could still be in. Regards – John

  39. Patzee says:

    Whoa! Just what the doctor ordered for a website that is in dire need of a makeover and rethink. Winning wold be awesome.

  40. I guess am late as always.

  41. wixfan says:

    Awesome website builder. I think it is the best that there is.

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