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"In an effort to give back to our subscribers, I've created The Designer Toolkit - a central place where you can download all our freebies. There are hundreds of freebies available to start downloading right away. All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter using the form below. We'll send you a weekly email containing our best free content, as well as updates whenever we add new freebies to your Toolkit (usually once a week). Enjoy!"

- Tom Ross (FanExtra Network Founder)

Recent Design Freebies

Flat Design Icon Set

Flat design is hot on trend right now, so we're really excited to bring our loyal subscribers this fantastic flat style icon pack. The pack contains 12 hand-crafted icons, courtesy of PixelKit

(Download Available for Subscribers)

High-Res Grunge Brush Set

We all love Photoshop brushes, particularly when they're super high-res and really sharp. This beautiful set of grungy Photoshop brushes are perfect for adding a little extra texture to your backgrounds and photo manipulation work.

(Download Available for Subscribers)

Folder Mockup Templates

If you're a print designer you'll likely produce folders for your clients at some point. These awesome folder templates courtesy of Company Folders let you import your designs easily using smart objects and present professional folder mockup designs.

(Download Available for Subscribers)

Cracks Brush Set

This week we're releasing a free high-res cracks brush set for our email subscribers to enjoy. These brushes are ideal for photo manipulation work and have a range of uses.

(Download Available for Subscribers)

Smooth UI Kit

An awesome, exclusive Smooth UI kit to make your web and UX design run a little 'smoother' (sorry I couldn't help myself). Everything is organized in a neat .psd file that allows for endless customization options. This kit includes checkboxes, tags, buttons, sliders, switches and more. You can resize them to any size you like!

(Download Available for Subscribers)

Mixed Texture Pack

This high-res texture pack contains a variety of different textures. These textures are incredibly clear and detailed and are perfect for your graphic design work. Each texture is over 4200px wide, making them perfect for print designs too.

(Download Available for Subscribers)

3D Graphics Pack

This 3D graphics pack comes with 4 3D designs that are great for adding an extra level to your photo manipulation works. The graphics include a floating man, a complex planet, a city structure and creepy tentacles. Images come in .jpg format, but the objects are fairly simle to isolate from their backgrounds.

(Download Available for Subscribers)

Grunge Essentials Pack

Grunge is an enduring trend in the design world, and this pack gives you 5 different .psd objects to start using in your work right away. These include a post-it note, paper clip, sticky tape, coffee stain and label. See what grungy designs you can come up with!

(Download Available for Subscribers)

High-Res Sunburst .Psds

This collection of sunburst .psd files come in a range of options, from 10 rays, to 20 and even 40 rays. They're 1000px wide, so suitable for all web work, and you can easy apply gradient overlays and other effects to them. It's also super simple to change the color of these sunbursts, and use lower opacities to use them as subtle background designs.

(Download Available for Subscribers)

Retro Brush Set

This retro brush set includes a variety of great designs including pin-up models, old-time cars, gramophones, typewriters and much more! Each brush is between 1000-2500px wide, so are great for your high-res web and print projects. Why not download this set and start adding an authentic vintage touch to your work today.

(Download Available for Subscribers)

200+ Free High-Res Textures

As a subscriber you'll get access to all of our Texture Thursday packs, containing exclusive high-res textures.

This HUGE library includes well over 200 textures that are large enough to use across print projects as well as web projects.

See you on the inside! - Tom (FanExtra Founder)