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Texture Thursday: Colored Fog

Colored Fog Textures

You can view the textures below, and can download the full sized textures at the bottom of this page.

Download Them Free

You can download the full-sized textures totally free using the link below:

Free Colored Fog Textures Set

License: Creative Commons Attribution

About the Author:

Andre is a talented photographer and artist. You can see more of his work at his DeviantArt Page or Behance Page.

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  1. Grace says:

    awesome textures!! can’t wait to see more!


  2. Adam says:

    Strange designs – I think they’d make a good grunge background for something.

  3. [...] fog’ textures available right here at PSDFAN. You can download the entire texture set here: Colored Fog Texture Set. Stretch your texture to fit your canvas perfectly, and then call this layer ‘background [...]

  4. risha says:

    great textures”-)

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