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Texture Thursday: Xrays

Texture Thursday Launches!

As PSDFAN progresses I’m looking to add a better weekly posting routine. For part of this, I’ve decided to introduce ‘Texture Thursday’, one day each week that I’ll be posting awesome free textures for you guys to download.

Xray Textures

You can view the textures below, and can download the full sized textures at the bottom of this page. These textures are absolutely huge (all at least 3000px wide), so should be great for any design.

Download Them Free

You can download the full-sized textures totally free using the link below:

Free Xray Textures Set

License: Creative Commons Attribution

About the Author:

Andre is a talented photographer and artist. You can see more of his work at his DeviantArt Page or Behance Page.

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  1. Tom says:

    Haha, scarily cool! These textures are just so damn unique, I think Andre did an awesome job with them.

  2. Mike Smith says:

    I think these are great. Texture Thursdays! I like it! Thank you for these

  3. Tom says:

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you liked them.

    Btw Mike: Your blog still isn’t loading correctly for me.

  4. Creepy and awesome all at once – thanks!

  5. Tom says:

    Heh couldn’t have described them better myself :) I hope you get some good use out of them.

  6. Thank you all for the kind words :P

    And expect more textures every Thursday!!!! ^^

  7. Oh Tom, i buy a tablet and I want draw with photoshop, but i don´t now how to make a pen pressure brush….. could you help me??

  8. It’s not too often you’ll find a cool set of X-Ray textures like this. Thanks!

  9. [...] designer interviews lined up, as well as our newly started Texture Thursday, which has gotten a great response so [...]

  10. Bekey says:

    Emmm, can i ask what for are ussually needed xrays?? i mean the quality of them t ocut them off or similar is very bad so what for you could use them?

    • Tom says:

      You can really just use your creativity. There’s no need to cut out the images, but you should be able to integrate them into many designs.

  11. Tom Sinclair says:

    Is it just me getting :
    “Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire’s development team.”

    Would love to get hold of these!

  12. rafiq says:

    unique , i like it

  13. Nick Pagano says:

    These are awesome! Thanks so much. Great post.

  14. These are a bit disturbing actually. I could not tell where they came from or what they belonged to. Very interesting though. The textures are detailed in the first one. Sometimes it is hard to see that through an X-ray. I guess with the expansion of technology, they are getting much better at it.

  15. WebDesign says:

    Outstanding!!! Never seen before…. I loved visiting this Blog as everytime I visit I’ll get something out of you guys…

  16. logo design says:

    Thanks…Very good info, I feel a lot more people need to read this.

  17. ledoare says:

    oh no !
    link dead.. please.

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