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Members Area Tutorial: Digital Painting Lesson: Scarecrow’s Joyride

FanExtra Launch Week (Day 4)

As part of our FanExtra Network launch, we will be publishing one tutorial every day for our launch week. We hope that you enjoy them.

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FanExtra Launch Week:

DAY 1:

FanExtra Network Launch
Create a Google Docs Icon

DAY 2:

30 Minute Redesign – GymDJ
Master a Professional Photo-Retouching Workflow

DAY 3:

Design a Textured Portfolio Website

DAY 4:

Members Area Tutorial: Digital Painting Lesson: Scarecrow’s Joyride

DAY 5:

Create a Stylized Photo Montage From Scratch

DAY 6:

Design a Grungy Rock & Roll Gig Poster


Design an Awesome Paint Splattered Dancer

Members Only Tutorial

This tutorial is available exclusively to our FanExtra members. In order to read the tutorial and download it’s original .psd source file you must sign up as a FanExtra member.

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Digital Painting Lesson: Scarecrow’s Joyride

Final Image

David Cousens is a highly respected digital artist, and his tutorials here at PSDFAN have always proved hugely popular. Today we are very lucky to have him return, and supply us with this awesome Halloween inspired tutorial.

The result of this tutorial is shown below:

What You Will Learn

As you can see below, this tutorial is very thorough, and teaches you plenty of essential digital painting techniques, as well as wider design theories:

  • The workflow of a professional digital artist
  • How to properly plan out your composition, utilizing industry-rules in order to give your composition maximum impact
  • How to best draw in the lines for your image
  • How to color your character and background accurately.
  • How to integrate textures subtly, yet effectively into your digital painting work
  • The benefits of working with custom brushes, and how best to use them
  • How to enrich colors and lighting in your piece by working with overlay and adjustment layers
  • How to give the impression of depth and perspective in your pieces
  • & Much More!

Learn how to construct a basic line drawing as the basis for your work, working to the ‘rule of thirds’ and utilizing compositional tricks.

Learn all about color theory, and how different colors can be used to manipulate your viewer’s gaze, and making your piece even more stunning!

Extra Bonuses

As an extra bonus, with this tutorial pack you will not only be downloading the original layered source file for this tutorial, but the custom brushes used in the piece, as well as a custom water texture. Download the exclusive members-only tutorial pack today:

About the Author:

is a talented illustrator and digital artist. You can keep up to date with his artwork at his art blog and website

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  1. Rufino says:

    I would like to let you know that your blog is very informative. Also, digital painting tutorials are just few so this post is really helpful for those who are into digital painting like me. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Rufino! I totally agree, digital painting tutorials (particularly good ones) are very rare. What’s even rarer are tutorials that actually go into the theory side of things in any depth.

      Great tutorial David, I really enjoyed reading and learning from it! :)

  2. Painting says:

    For successful digital painting, we need not only an artistic mind also we need some technical knowledge. Thank you, for your huge information. It helps a lot any beginner digital artist__

  3. Markus L says:

    Very useful this article.
    More like this ;)

  4. Rufino: I’m always surprised there aren’t more painting tutorials like this, but I think a lot of artists are a bit scared of sharing their secrets. I always think if you share as much as you can it forces to get even better to keep up with the pack :)

    Tom: It was a pleasure as always.

    Painting: Absoluteley right, artistic ability is only half the battle, technical knowledge is something that always helps people improve, I’m happy this has helped you

    Markus: Glad you found it useful :)

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