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Current Updates

Hi everyone. I wanted to update you with things here at PSDFAN, as I didn’t think it was fair to keep you in the dark about the site’s progress. As you may have noticed tutorials haven’t been published all that frequently recently… The reason behind this is that university is coming right up to the end of the semester before the christmas break. Good news, but unfortunately I have some very important deadlines – the final one being this coming Thursday.

So I’ve decided to take a bold move and put the site on hold until this coming weekend. Generally my degree won’t impact too much upon this site, but this is one of the very few times when it does.

The Redesign

However, there’s some exciting news. I’m planning a major revamp of PSDFAN, that will see a lot of great improvements to the site and it’s content. I’ll be posting more on this soon, but I can assure you that the site will improve dramatically.

I do however need YOUR help:

In an effort to make the new site as great as possible for my visitors, I wanted to gather suggestions on what you’d all like to see added, what you’d like changed/removed and any other cool ideas you may have. I may have some of your ideas already planned, but please feel free to leave me a comment to this post with your suggestions.

What about content until the relaunch?

After this coming weekend when I’ll have time to start updating again you will notice a drastic improvement in the content of PSDFAN, and also a lot more posting. I’m planning on dedicating more time and effort on my posts, and will be posting far more often, with far better content. I know that there are sites that update a lot less than me, and those which offer worse content, but there are also those which beat me in both respects, and I’m keen rise to the challenge.

I’m also going to be stopping the daily inspiration for the time being, unless people cry out for it to be continued. I just feel that rather than donate 30 mins a day to that, you’d benefit more from an extra post per week (of high standard).


Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the continued support. I know that this community will continue to grow and be a great place for designers to share their thoughts and ideas, and hopefully learn something along the way. Feel free to subscribe to my feed if you want to be updated with my next post.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. crazyhunk says:

    gr8 congrats on…hmm…everything…
    u rock … :)

    looking forward to the redesign….

  2. RUGRLN says:

    OH goody!! Can’t wait ! ebst of luck

  3. Lucy says:

    I really like the content and all the categories covered already, it is a top design blog

  4. Tom says:

    Thanks for all the support guys, and remember – if you suggest any ideas for content or design it’s quite likely that they will make it onto the new site :) .

  5. LBrother says:

    I like the current layout. It’s simple, clean and fast with loading. You have many categories (great!). It might not look so overwhelming like “wow what a great design” but it does it’s use. And your contact to the community is great! You actually don’t have to change much. Just keep the tutorials coming ;)


    P.S.: I know this is not the place, but you said you would contact the winners of the contest by mail. Do you know my real address? I’m not sure if I’ve always added the same one in my comments. However: the address which I’ve inserted in this comment is the right one!

  6. Vincenzo says:

    hi! congrat for the redesign.

    just found an interesting link, really ispiring. hope u like it:

  7. Tom says:

    LBrother: Thanks for the kind comments :) I actually did email you about the contest using the email that you usually provide, and I thought that you’d gotten back to me saying that you need a bit of time to decide which prizes you would like? Either way, if not I can contact you via your new address. I appreciate that you like the current design, but the new one will definitely see some improvements. There are several things that I’ve been wanting to add for some time now (like a contact form and contact page). I’ll also be using a membership system (which is actually pretty much good to go) and people will be able to make more suggestions and post content via that). And like I said, content will be much improved and more frequent very soon!

    Vincenzo: Thanks, and cheers for the link, that’s pretty cool looking. Is it like calligraphy on a fabric wall?

  8. rachello says:

    I think that a weekly inspiration might be a little better. :] Also, to get some creative juices flowing, you could maybe center the inspiration around a central theme, and then include a tutorial with this theme in mind. :] (just a thought!)

  9. Vincenzo says:

    uhm “yes” but no it’s calligrapy on the fabric wall but..they a are a designer duo that works in french..

    i found brillaint that:

    they design “stikers” (but not only this) for wall (uhm but u can stick it wherever u want eheh) decoration. at this moment this are a must have in french (and a bit in italy too).

    they seems pretty “easy” to do (but i dunno for the stamp), i belive that all works with layer mask (revel selection) and a huge sense/taste of image/design.

    i link more sample (maybe can be ispiring for the new design who knows):

    see you and cheers;-)

  10. LBrother says:

    Yeah, please contact me on the adress from this post.
    Thank you very much!

  11. Tom says:

    Rachello: Great suggestion, I had something similar in mind actually.

    Vincenzo: Thanks for the links! I’ll try and think of a creative tutorial for you based on the images.

    LBrother: Email sent :)

  12. Vincenzo says:

    ehehe cool! hope to see the tuts soon ;-)

  13. Ptka says:

    Loving this site so far, really want to join but it costs money and alas, my parents don’t want me to be handing out cash. :( Sorry!!
    Can’t wait to see the redesign, good luck with your degree, and the only thing that would be good to see would be some more great tuts!!! :D
    Merry Christmas!!!

  14. Matt says:

    just make it grungey and it should look awesome and also i don’t really like the current green colour scheme

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