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20+ Awesome Light Effect and Abstract Photoshop Brushes

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20+ Awesome light effect and abstract photoshop brushes

Creating spectacular Abstract effects using brushes can be fun, but finding high quality ones isn’t, so here I’ve compiled a list of 23 high quality abstract brushes from various designers, Enjoy.

Hyper Brushes

Galactic Brushes

Darius Brushes

Quantum Brushes

CS4 Brushes

Party Brushes

Sui Generis Brushes v.3

Unreal Brushes v.4

Unreal Brushes v.3

Fly Brushes

Abstract 04

Night Light Brush

Fractal Chaos


Refresh Brushes

Abstract 12

Abstract Vol 6

Edge Brushes

Brushes Pack 2

Abstract Brushes Vol 3


Ultimate Brush 3

Comet Brushes

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  1. Silentgirl says:

    these are really beautiful! Downloading them now! Thanks!

  2. Arvind says:

    Cool Brushes.I downloaded all of them.Thnx

  3. ebookey says:

    Quantum brushes are just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  4. loswl says:

    Great set of brushes, great for lighting effects!! thanks for the links :o )

  5. A u d e e says:

    Night Light Brush and Fly Brushes, those brushes are my favorite ;)
    Thank you for sharing them!

  6. Tom says:

    No worries guys!

    Audee: Yeah those sets are especially awesome :) I like the Coment brush set a lot too though.

  7. Oliver says:

    Yo,Thanks for putting all these together!

  8. these look great. Lighting effects always look so nice when they are done right. Light is such a cool element to create art with. Very nice. Thanks

  9. wonderful brushes here, thanks a lot..

  10. msabas says:

    Great Brush collection. They are all beautiful.

  11. Really awesome. Thank you!

  12. chaoskaizer says:

    The night light brush (faux bokeh) is awesome. thanks nice collection

  13. Missy says:

    Wow… this is an awesome collection you put together!! I cant wait to download and play :o )

  14. Photoshopper says:

    Dude these are awesome <3

  15. Miguel says:

    Great work man… these brushes are awesome !!!

  16. Edelihu says:

    Every time that I see my works I feel so good, I’m the creator of Suigeneris brushes, Party brushes, Cs4 brushes And others xD THANKS for use my brushes! only respect my terms … :D

  17. dbfan says:

    amazing list, thank you!

  18. Awesome!!! Thanks for putting all these wonderful brushes together.

  19. Maja says:

    Thanks a lot! :)
    They are really wonderful, also a big thanks for a great website!

  20. PSDDude says:

    Nice list of Brushes ! It is always good to add new brushes to my collection! thanks

  21. Great effort. Keep them coming. Freebies are always much appreciated … especially high quality brushes like these. Great for both print and web design.

  22. Logo Design says:

    nice collection. thanks for the tips./

  23. sahad says:

    Very good collections !!

  24. web design says:

    awesome man….great collection…thanks…

  25. Sahil Kotak says:

    That’s a great collection Tom, I really liked it very much!

    Thanks a lot for sharing!!

  26. bammy says:

    very very cool… i really love dis site

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