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30 Beautiful Newsletters for Your Inspiration

30 Beautiful Newsletters for your Inspiration

Newsletters are the most effective way to inform your e-mail subscribers about your latest projects, deals, and all kind of updates. In order to attract your visitor to your product or website, you must have a well-designed and stunning newsletter design. In this round-up we have collected a set of 30 awesomely designed newsletters which may work as a source of inspiration for you.

Newsletter #1

Receive a tasty and delicious newsletter, done in a colorful and entertaining way to cheer you up.

Newsletter #2

A friendly and interesting notice that will awake your interest for it, attracting in such a way more customers.

Newsletter #3

Cute-looking, polite and simple, this newsletter will always give you only the necessary information.

Newsletter #4

The following newsletter will surely impress anyone with it’s unusual and attractive style, whilst at the same time being very easy to understand.

Newsletter #5

Placing the useful information in right places that are easily observed, this nice newsletter keeps its uniqueness and style.

Newsletter #6

Simple, yet impresive, this newsletter displays you the information in a easy and convenient way for you.

Newsletter #7

A balanced and full of interesting facts notice that surely won’t be boring and will provide a great information.

Newsletter #8

Beautiful, modern and able to get attention, this mail presents the information in a short, but memorable way.

Newsletter #9

Originally crafted, this newsletter uses images as a main source of displaying the information.

Newsletter #10

With a pleasant look and a nice theme, this one will surely find a way to reach the customer’s heart.

Newsletter #11

A gorgeous and amazing newsletter that underlines the main ideas, delivering the right info into the right place.

Newsletter #12

Well-designed, with an awesome look and a good placement of the info, this newsletter satisfies even the highest desires.

Newsletter #13

An original newsletter that is to use retro style to create a beautiful way to send the information to the customer.

Newsletter #14

A notice that has all the info displayed nicely throughout the space, creating a peaceful and useful newsletter.

Newsletter #15

Thus it has no fancy images or background, it’s agreat newsletter thanks to it’s practical side.

Newsletter #16

This newsletter has a great information display, using some simple and not disturbing images to create a special atmosphere.

Newsletter #17

This newsletter uses a bold, eye-catching color scheme, sure to engage it’s readers.

Newsletter #18

A great color balance that is to help you in understanding the information displayed by this awesome newsletter.

Newsletter #19

This newsletter will surely create a huge apetite for those who will read it because of it’s look and tasty composition.

Newsletter #20

A newsletter that puts information as the precedent, making it very easy to read, despite a variety of images being used.

Newsletter #21

Information combined with great pics in order to create this unique newsletter that will be hugely memorable for it’s readers.

Newsletter #22

A schematic newsletter to categorize all the important things in it, keeping an official and professional air.

Newsletter #23

Even though this notice can look a little bit gray, it has a great list with featured apps that can be easily download, making it very handy.

Newsletter #24

Simple, yet expressive newsletter that has the power to reach people’s mind and make them a little more receptive to your message.

Newsletter #25

This is a really modern and beautiful & bold newsletter which has a really big accent on the green color, without distracting the basic visitor.

Newsletter #26

The following item is a way simple but elegant newsletter of a food contest hosted by Walnuts.

Newsletter #27

Soft-colored, simple but well-designed newsletter which has a more classic and basic look, but which does attract users to it.

Newsletter #28

This is a dark, elegant, web 2.0 newsletter of the “Action Method” iPhone application.

Newsletter #29

The current white and bright newsletter shows discounts, information, photographs and all kind of stuff which is related to the “Irish Hotels Federation”.

Newsletter #30

This beautiful newsletter, has a very attractive style and construction. The centralized content and cohesive styles really tie everything together nicely.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Pretty, but image-heavy.

    How do they look with images blocked? Most email clients block images by default, e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook. And some email clients never display background images, e.g. Gmail.

    And how do they look on mobile. Will people be willing to wait while the images download over typical 3G, or just look for one second and move on? Do you have to scroll around a lot to see the content?

  2. MarkT says:

    These are terrific and very inspirational. Beautiful layouts on many of them. :)

  3. Ted Thompson says:

    Some wonderful newsletters, much better than the tired looking morsels that arrive in my inbox every day. My pick of this bunch are: Newsletter #1, Newsletter #10, Newsletter #11 and Newsletter #16.

  4. Nice Post, I really like the newsletters posted in this blog, Really different from the conventional newsletter designs, these are more eye appealing and will want to make the viewer read more.
    I agree with Pete Austin, how will these look if hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or other email clients block images, and how will it look on mobile devices such as iPhones.

  5. Stunning collection, great taste you have!

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