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30 Fresh and Professional Blog Designs

30 Fresh and Professional Blog Designs

Blog design has always been a special art. Bloggers often have to fit a lot of content into their designs – post contents, titles, dates, social bookmarking options, advertising – the list goes on…

That’s why today we present 30 fresh and professional blog designs that present their content elegantly and cleanly. Some really inspiring designers here!

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Pat says:

    What makes any of these sites any good? Their content? Design? Typography?

    Stop putting together pointless lists and start diving deep into what makes a website great.

  2. Dzinepress says:

    good looking website designs.

  3. Tom says:

    Pat: Whilst it’s put across a little harshly, I actually agree with your point. The designs in this post are in my opinion good, and inspiring. Therefore I see the benefit of the post (I often scan designs of list posts myself for inspiration). However, I am trying to steer the site away from roundup posts, through the introduction of more unique tutorials, articles and the introduction of my ’30 minute redesign’ saturdays, which goes into detail about how to improve design features. I may continue to post the occasional roundup (say once a week), as it does help inspire people. However, I’d like to think that PSDFAN does offer more ‘deep’ thought on design than a lot of places.

  4. Pat says:

    Here’s the thing: I know you put this post together very quickly, because my site is included, and the post that’s included was posted less than a couple of hours ago.

    I apologize if I came across as harsh. I haven’t read your other articles, and came to a rather critical conclusion perhaps too quickly. I made my judgement based solely on this article alone.

    I’ve been there before. I’ve done the “30 most inspiring sites” posts, hoping they would find their way to the front page of Digg or get linked to from some popular design sites. However, you’re not adding to the overall conversation that way. Instead, you’re just noise.

    I’ve had to learn this the hard way, but if you really want to contribute to the overall design community discussion in a substantial way, you’ve got to dig deep — really deep — and ask hard questions of yourself and others. That’s all I’m hoping to do here :)

  5. Nice collection, a lot of new ones that I haven’t stumbled onto yet, will be checking them all out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tom says:

    Thomas: Thanks. :)

    Pat: I was actually compiled website addresses for a couple of days, deliberately leaving out ‘average’ designs. I just took some screenshots this afternoon. I hope that you do check out some of my other articles, particular those in the coming weeks. I definitely do care about the community, and whilst I can’t give away details yet, I’ll be hosting a week’s worth of posts dedicated to that cause. I’m not trying to make Digg or anything either (I’ve lost faith in Digg a long time ago).

    Anyway, I’m glad that you’re giving me a detailed opinion here, rather than just being critical. Like I say, I’m looking to dig deep whenever I can, but I’m sure you know the demands of running a blog, as I do…

  7. Brandon Cox says:

    Wow, quite a mouth-watering collection! I love that some of these really show skill in integrating not just a blog, but business elements too. Blogs + CMS, etc.

  8. I do agree with Pat; the post should be a bit more specific.

    Nevertheless, I see some great designs here, and it’s wonderful to be a part of this list! :]

  9. Vim says:

    Great post Tom, Real inspiring collection of great designs here.

  10. Thanks for putting this great collection together Tom, I love Simon Collison’s new design.

  11. felicita says:

    Not good designs!

  12. Melody says:

    haha the expression on rodney’s face is funny..I always like it when designers add an extra personal touch to their photos on their sites..

  13. swarn garg says:

    great collection …………..
    30 rocking sites. nice content

  14. Maged says:

    i think Pat is right in ” give me SPECIFIC reason to bookmark those blogs ”
    they all look great and very creative but when included in a post i is preferred to specify
    however great job Tom and keep up man you’re great :)

  15. Tom says:

    Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely be more specific in future though.

    Melody: Good point! I love the personal touches too. :)

  16. Pat says:

    Hey Tom,

    Looks like your readers really want some depth! Don’t be discouraged: it takes just as much effort to write in depth about a few designs as it does to find 30 beautiful blogs. I strongly suggest taking a look at for an idea of what I mean.

    All the best,

  17. Jashion says:

    Very nice!

  18. Wow, some of the design are really cool. I would like to see more examples on how people use WordPress as a CMS for regular website. Maybe is this an idea for a future article.

  19. Kim says:

    Thanks for collecting these site , these designs are very professional , some of template shows the good combination of the CMS + Blog

    I really like the collection

  20. Metoffice says:

    most of them are good looking ones, there are some excellent examples of how to really enhance a web page. very clever and nice in a ’special’ way, thanks.

  21. Filips says:

    Hi Tom, 30 designs are really interesting,but try update as soon as possible ! I will be back soon.

  22. Wicaksana says:

    wow all blogs are clean..
    visual friendly
    i like all

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