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30 Minute Redesign: Cell Phone Pulse

Week 32: Cell Phone Pulse

Cell Phone Pulse.

In the space of 5 minutes I can identify some of the key strengths and weaknesses of this design, and sketch out a mockup.


  • The layout is reasonably clean, and uses a conventional, usable layout.
  • Clear menu, and prominent logo
  • Relevant imagery in the header


  • The bright background is a little distracting, detracting away from the content
  • The page is a little over-laden with ads, which too distracts from the curtain.
  • The header is too dark, it doesn’t suit the modern, technological theme of the site.
  • There is a lot of unnecessary content on the site, like ‘recent posts’ (despite these being right next to this column).

My Redesign

As always, I was limited by the 30 minute time-frame, but I tried to improve upon several of Cell Phone Pulse’s features, adding a few design flourishes and a clearer layout that promoted content over wasted space:


  • Simplify the layout, eliminating unnecessary content and keeping things as minimal and clean as possible.
  • Included relevant imagery in the header, and created a more attractive, relevant logo.
  • Created a more usable menu, complete with active/hover states.
  • Added subscription and search options to make navigating the site easier.
  • I simplified the color-scheme, reducing the site to a basic red/gray palette. This was used to highlight headings and buttons.

Comparing the 2 Designs:

Here is a quick comparison between the original design and my 30 minute redesign. Sure, my design could be more polished, but I believe that a lot of the basic elements have been improved upon, creating a more pleasant browsing experience.

How and Why To Enter Redesign Saturdays

You can have the chance to have your website redesigned in next weeks post. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your website address and why you think it needs a redesign.

*NOTE: I can only accept sites with English content, as foreign language websites are simply too hard for me to work with.

The Benefits of Getting Your Site Redesigned Include:

  • Most obviously – a FREE redesign job!
  • Your website gets exposure to PSDFAN’s thousands of readers
  • You understand how to improve your website. This isn’t just a redesign, it’s a lesson in design.
  • You will get emailed the .psd of your redesign and can do whatever you want with it!

So please, leave a comment today for a chance to have your website redesigned next week!

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Love the new look of the website. The only thing I am kinda worried about is are they going to be able to find that good of cell phone pictures for their actual content?

    Other than that I think the design is perfect and they should definitely see about coding it to a live site.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks Aaron! :) The phone pic is actually taken from one of their blog posts.

  3. I have LOVED seeing the way you change-up websites in very subtle ways, at times, to bring a fresh, clean, user-friendly look to the sites. My hope is, that over time, my ‘eye’ can begin to see and make similar improvements to my work. Thank you for providing useful and practical help to beginners like myself.

  4. [...] 30 Minute Redesign: Cell Phone Pulse [...]

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