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30 Minute Redesign – Suggestions Needed!

30 Minute Redesigns

After 32 weeks of fantastic 30 minute redesigns, for some strange reason, this week we received no suggestions for this weeks redesign!

So… rather than a vote today, I’m using this post to gather suggestions for next week’s redesign. I’ll host a poll next Thursday, like usual to decide which design will be redesigned. If you would like a completely FREE redesign and analysis of your site, simply leave a comment to this post with your websites address.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Can you tell me more about it? I think this is new thing for me.

  2. Flatline says:

    I’d like to receive some suggestions on my site
    It’s a role playing game/boardgames/stories etc site, which tries to keep an informal/funny tone. :)

  3. nitos says:

    you just post a website you´d like to get a new design, and then there is a poll on which should have this redesign, and then Tom makes a redesign for that particular website and he post the design on this site.

  4. – Medical college website that I’m currently redoing and would like to see some new ideas!

  5. Tom says:

    Nitos: Thanks for helping explain. Couldn’t have said it better myself :) .

  6. Aitor Suso says: is a good site for professionals of the editorial world, but it is getting older

  7. Would appreciate your opinion on our site…..a small growing community wanting to be relevant.

  8. Filipe says:

    Hi Tom,
    Here I am again.
    I work at Citium ( ), and the site is pretty old now.
    I’ll never give up :D


  9. Alex says:

    I’d like to see a video of you taking (exactly) 30min to research & design these 30min re-designs. As a designer I hate that you’re doing this. It is such an underminded thing to do to the design community. I think it is impossible to research, mock-up and design a usable site in less that 30 minutes. I’d say you could probably re-design someones crappy site in about an hour to an hour and a half… but 30min… no freakin way man. research is a big part of making a design work and there is NO WAY you are doing everything in 30min. Whateves… I’m done venting. you suck

    • Tom says:

      Alex: I was going to delete your comment, but I thought I’d leave it here for everyone to see. In your view ‘I suck’. In my view I’m helping people out completely free of charge, helping improve many websites, helping educate people through the process, and receiving a lot of thanks from webmasters all over the world. Personally I think I’ll stick with my view of the work I’m doing here… Oh, and for the record, I do complete all designs within 30 mins, often with a publicly admitted 5 min planning process, with the odd pencil sketch. If it took me 60 minutes then I’d happily name my posts that, I don’t see any negative effect this would have even.

  10. Jon says: is a fairly good site, but might need a new approach/design

  11. Alex says:

    Tom: of course you have webmasters thanking you… You’re saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars by doing this for them. How that ‘helps’ them is highly debatable. It’s that whole argument give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll feed his family (or however it goes). The point is; I see this as a detriment to the design community, not a benefit. maybe if you re-designed their site, showed them what was wrong and left it at that it would be semi-better… but you’re also handing over the PSD. Way to just give a company money. It’s because of posts like this us designers get comments from clients that completely undermine our abilities and the amount of work we’ve put into this community. Next you’ll probably be writing a post on why spec work is the greatest thing ever.

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