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33 Beautiful and Inspiring Print Advertisements

33 Beautiful and Stunning Inspiring Advertisements

Advertising is the key way for any company to quickly spread their word about their product or service. Of course quirky, creative and engaging ads are the most effective. Often print ads display much more creativity than online ads. Today we’ve compiled 33 inspiring and beautiful print ads that all display wonderful copy, great visuals and lots of Photoshop skill. Enjoy!

Bad Breath Ads

An effective and striking advert that has used actors to portray a scene with plenty of impact. The reactions of the characters give a lot of energy to this piece as they recoil from the supposed bad breath.

Pedigree DentastiX

Another similar advertisment but for a different public. This time Pedigree have invented a very interesting thing, against bad breath of the human’s best friend.

You Eat What You Touch

The following advertisment is a very clever and well-designed ad which shows a small dog, placed on a plate, and ready to be “cut” as it is bread.

Act Now for The Planet

WWF has come with a very overwhelming advertisment which shows people, and especially medics who work in a emergency how important their job is.

Size is Nothing Without Precision

Slim media have designed a very interesting advertisment. While it doesn’t have an important message as the previous ad, it is really creative and interesting.


This is probably one of the best advertisments in our showcase. It is creative, interesting, well-designed and definetely very high-quality. It attracts any person, not only targeted ones.


Another advertisment which has a use of livings. This time, 2 fishes are used as slippers, while advertising a product against fungi.


The following advertisment is super-creative and it is really stunning. Maglite, a shop for all kind of lighting utilites, showed through this ad how powerful and good their lanterns are.

Magic Scotch

This advertisment is very well-designed and excellent thought as well. It’s main point is to show how good and “sticky” their scotches are.


Another creative advertisment from kodak where they want to prove you that dead batteries are not always dead by interpreting a scene where a dead chicken revived.

Lazer Helmets

Lazer Bike Helmets have one of the safiest helmets ever. The advertisment they created to promote their products prove it. All the man’s body was hurt, except the head, which was protected by the lazer helmet.


Pringles is all over with super creative advertisments. This time a young man flies an air baloon with the help of the flame which came out after eating pringles chips.

Save the Children

A stunning and very impressive anti-war add that pretty well reflects the problems of today.


The funny way of impressing the viewer in this add is it’s key to succses.


An interesting and original advert that has an unusual way to express it’s point of view. The man’s smelly sock, representing the consumer issue of foot odor is portrayed as a lethal weapon.


If you are looking for an interesting advertisment with an unique sense in it, than this one is surely the one you’d like to take a look at


A freaky advert that’s sure to capture the viewers attention. The spider is constructed by coffee beans, which is a really creative way of depicting the slogan ‘a bite of coffee’.


A great add that shows the interaction between the people and nature, this conection being made by the car.


A cool add from DHL that is a good way to show the dedication for their work.

Canon: The Fastest Autofocus

Having a funny and original idea, this add represents a “usual” situation in our society.


Being based on an funny and unusual situation, this add will surely make people drink more coffee.

Never Keep a Parasite

A great way to motivate people to get rid of different pests and parasites is presented in this ad.

Chupa Chups

An awesome add that shows that there is no sugar in the product in an original and cool way.

SMURD: Choose Life

A touching advertisment that shows the possible consequences of our careless attitude.

Ariel: Ketchup

The following advertisment is a funny and well-done interpretation created by a company which produces cleaning products.

When You Want to Celebrate

This ad presents the tentation this product creates and what people can do to have it.

Curly Balls

This is a generic advertisment which has been done in a beautiful way. It is some-how simple and not very different, still very creative and appealing.


Having a serious matter advertised results in a touching and important message for today’s people.

Chupa Chups: For a Smokeless World

A great add that combats the increasing smokers and gives them an alternative.

Fraich Frites

A funny add that will surely become loved by the children.


This is a little bit strange and a bit different advert which is promoting an alcoholic drink, in a different way.

If You’re Not Clean You’re Filthy

A nice add to show the impact of the viruses and bacterias on our daily life, giving us an option to avoid this.

Wikipedia Music: 10 Years

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Haris says:

    It is actually add for Olympus not Canon ;)

  2. Eric Lenhard says:

    Amazing, inspiring collection! Day by day advertising becomes more creative. And that’s great!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Some really nice adverts in here and some that are really effective. To come up with a campaign like that is really creative and I hope that I would be able to come up with some as inspiring as that given the opportunity. I really like You Eat What You Touch. It’s something I had to look at twice and then its really stuck in my head and will do as a really remember able advert.

  4. Manuel Pozo says:

    “The fastest autofocus”. The E-3 is not Canon, but Olympus ;-)

  5. Eric Vasquez says:

    Great examples of clever and inspiring Print Ads. There are some very conceptual and well executed pieces for sure!

  6. igor says:

    Amazing images. Very inspirational. Its incredible how distribution of creativity really blew up in the last decade. My favorite: Canon/ Olimpus: The Fastest Autofocus, Wiki, and Lazer Helmets. I run a website where I re-post non-visual ad’s – with an emphasis on langue of the ad’s (opposite of what this post is), but boy I wish I focused more on the visuals.

  7. charles says:

    Ha, these where so good the website advertisements looked horrible. Nice list!

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