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A Collection of Fresh Blog Designs

A Collection of Fresh Blog Designs

Today we take a close look at some of the freshest blog designs out there! Each one of these designs has it’s own unique attraction points, and after presenting each design I’ll explain what drew me to their design.

These bloggers are all serious designers, so please head on over to their blogs and show them some love!

Web Nova

Web Nova combines a bright, fresh color-scheme with a tasteful wooden texture background. The clean edges, buttons and tabs all help create a professional feel to the design, as artistic blends with refined.

Usable Efficiency

Usable Efficiency has a design very fitting of it’s title. The site is very minimal, and beautiful uses only a couple of colors to create a very consistent visual experience. The large amounts of white space make the website feel ordered and organized.

Veerle’s Blog

Veerle is a hugely popular design from Belgium. Her recent blog redesign got a lot of attention in the community, and for good reason. The combination of slick illustration, subtle texturing and beautiful typography make this one of our favorite blog designs!

Web Junkie XL

Web Junkie XL is another minimal blog design. The limited use of color and clean typography makes this website very usable, yet very simple. There is a natural typographical hierarchy, as our eye shifts from logo, to heading, to content.

Style Spion

Style Spion uses plenty of white space to give an effortless feeling to their design. Subtle hues of gray within their typography help draw the eye. The logo is darkest, followed by the headings and menu, and then other content uses a lighter gray yet again. Great example of how to organize your content!

Travelled Blog

Travelled Blog is a great example of how to fit a lot of information into a simple clean design. The interactive social media integration to the left of the design gives a very unique design touch, and the rotating content area keeps the homepage area fresh.

Daniel Mota

Daniel Mota uses a well contrasted color scheme in order to push the content forward in the users eye. The simple one column design really makes the viewer focus on the blog content. Splashes of color help liven the design up in a subtle way.


Nanyate uses a colorful illustrated background to lend a fun aspect to their blog. The large typography and clean 2 column design make the site easy to navigate.

Japon Pop

Japon Pop combines faded background textures, subtle design flourishes and a very bright color scheme to create a fresh and clean blog design. The splashes of bright color help guide the users eye around the site, whilst the clean white backgrounds make everything very readable.

Web is Love

Web is Love is a highly artistic design. The sketched doodles, elegant typography and hand-drawn feel fit perfectly with the theme of design.


This video blog makes the video content the most prominent feature of the homepage, combining with it well-spaced typography and a minimal black/white colorscheme. The use of white space in this design is very impressive, and it the overall design feels very well structured.

Blissfully Aware

Blissfully Aware uses a clear grid based system, yet doesn’t feel overly rigid or restricted. The subtle grid lines and beautifully spaced content, combined with subtle texturing and illustration mean that this design feels more artistic than grid-based.

Jon Leverrier

Jon Leverrier’s blog does hinder typography due to it’s bold, bright background and dark type. However, the illustrated background is highly unique and certainly draws the users attention. The addition of semi-transparent content blocks means that the background is fully integrated into all parts of the design.


Salvator uses a parchment-colored background to create a very natural feel for the blog. Subtle design touches such as coffee stains and sketched illustrations make this design feel more like a scrawl on a piece of diary paper than a website, yet the professional typography and clean font choices tie everything together beautifully.

2k Games Blog

The key feature of this blog design is clearly it’s background image, which is presumably a still from one of 2K’s games. The clean gray design combines perfectly with this impactful background though, leading to a highly professional, clean outcome.


Blog.Morphix combines a fun, illustrated background with a fairly unique post style. Rather than displaying any post content or even post description we are simply presented with a variety of post titles, presented in thumbnail form. This helps draw us further into the website, as various titles catch our curiosity.

Pat Dryburgh

Pat Dryburgh’s blog is a great example of a minimal blog design. The 1 column of content avoids being dull by a combination of varied dividers, fonts, and typography.

Late Night with Jimmy’s Intern

Late Night with Jimmy’s Intern is a humorous blog, and the funny content fits perfectly with the light-hearted header illustration and illustrated content areas.

Cherry Pow

Cheery Pow can straight away be recognized as a skiing blog, through it’s slogan ‘ski the world’ and it’s subtle background design of snow covered mountains. This blog combines some great colors, resulting in a perfect blend of white, red and blue – overall a very clean yet bold design!

Fight for Future

This blog’s green color-scheme fits perfectly with it’s environmental image and the assortment of badges over the design helps encourage people towards their cause. The typography for post content could be a little larger, as currently it’s hard to read. However, post titles and headings are used to great effect.


Nathalie Koscuisko-Morizet’s blog has an instantly personal feel to it, due to the use of polaroids in the header. This personal feel is continues through the design via the use of a soft colorscheme, and sketchy aspects, such as the navigation bar.

Christopher Calicott

Christopher Calicott’s blog uses a beautifully soft color-scheme, combined with soft background textures and semi-transparent date tabs to create a highly professional, yet subtle web design.


Blog.Aphichat uses large typography and a simplistic color-scheme to create a clean blog design that is easy to navigate. Flourishes of color in the logo, buttons and links help to keep the design fresh and eye-catching.

Leffet Crea

Leffet Crea’s blog is so much fun visually! The painted background effect and cute illustrations just draw in the visitor’s eye. Overall the design is very unique, and all of these individual design flourishes make it very memorable and appealing to it’s readers.

Jepser Bernardino

Jepser Bernardino’s blog is a site that can’t be fully appreciated from a screenshot. The site utilizes a ton of j-query effects to make browsing it’s content fun! Sliding panels and an interactive grid of blog posts make this site very unique.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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    I like this blog design very much Thanks for sharing us…

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    Fantastic designs. Truly amazing!

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    Big fan of Veerle’s blog. Thanks for the feature too! :)

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    It’s truly amazing collection…

  6. Some very nice blogs in this collection. I like the more colourful blogs such as Veerle’s blog and Leffet Crea but all of them are nice to look at and stand out in their own way. Thanks for sharing.

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    Very good templates for WordPress Blog. I added also for my website.

  8. Amazing Web design Collection. Thanks for Sharing…!

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