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Every Great Photoshop Lighting Tutorial Ever (all 75 of them)

1. Flying Girl in Photoshop

2. Plasma in the Lake

3. 7 Steps Colored Lights Header

4. Mysterious Lighting

5. Give Your Photos Awesome Lighting in Just 10 Steps

6. Beijing Logo Light Painting

7. Fantasy Light Effects in Photoshop

8. Light & Glow Effect

9. Space Lighting Effect in 10 Steps

10. MSNBC Style Effect

11. The Japanese Style Wallpaper

12. Magic Lighting Effect

13. Create a Space Explosion From Scratch in Photoshop

14. Beautiful Lighting Effect

15. Design a Vista Styled Wallpaper

16. Create a Refreshing Drinks Ad

17. Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect

18. Glow Lighting and Pen Tool Introduction

19. Create a Wavy Blackberry Style Wallpaper

20. Create an Amazing Ad

21. Adding Flames and Effects to Make an Image with Impact

22. Seriously Cool Photoshop Explosion Effect

23. Advanced Space Stars

24. How to Break Sunlight Through the Clouds

25. Design a Coldplay Inspired Portrait

26. A Cool Lighting Effect in Photoshop

27. Create a Simple Light Stripes Effect

28. Super Slick Dusky Lighting Effect

29. The Dark Knight Grunge Wallpaper

30. Advanced Glow Effects

31. Create a 3d Glossy Box Logo

32. Create a Magical Image Using Photo Manipulation

33. Colorful Glowing Text Effect

34. Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion

35. Mysterious Lighting Effect

36. Our Glow Tutorial

37. Create a Glowing Light Painting Effect

38. Easily Create a Unique Website Header

39. Window Blinds

40. The Spotlight is Here

41. Abstract Dust and Specks

42. Slow Shutter Text Effect

43. Creating the Windows Vista Lighting Effect

44. Creating Smokey Dancer Using Lighting/Texturing Effects

45. Glow Sparks

46. Replicate Justin Timberlake’s LoveStoned Music Video

47. Fairy Glow Lighting

48. Creating a Rocking Silhouette in Photoshop

49. Scanline Text

50. Crazy Cool Vectors in Illustrator and Photoshop

51. Luminescent Lines

52. Energize Your Graphics With Abstract Energy Lines

53. Electrifying Energy Beams

54. Amazing Photoshop Lighting Effect

55. Glowing Woman Silhouette

56. Mysterious Moonlit Landscape

57. How to Make Great Fireworks in Photoshop

58. Super Fast Speed Lighting Effect

59. Lighting Effects in Photoshop

60. Beautiful Lighting FX

61. Make an Apply Coldplay Style Ad in Photoshop

62. Really Cool Eclipse Effect

63. Lighting Effects

64. Speeding Car Lighting Effect

65. Create a Magic Crystal Ball

66. Light Effects 1

67. Create a Slick Supernatural Text Effect

68. Adding Light Streaks to a Photo

69. Light in The Forest Effect

70. Create Rainbox Logos with Warped Grids

71. Quickly Build a Background of Colored Bars

72. How to Create Brilliant Light Streaks in Photoshop

73. Sparkling Hot Girl

74. Adding Sunlight to a Photo

75. How to Create Intense Light Streaks in Photoshop

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Nick says:

    Really useful tutorial list.

  2. Andrew Houle says:

    Great Compilation, Tom!

  3. Tom says:

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. Donace says:

    Indeed man great collection very useful, I’ve only done two tutorials and this is my bash at a lighting one.

  5. YURI says:

    These are so wonderful many thanks for the tutorials

  6. says:

    Great list. We added it to our site Please visit for more Photoshop tutorials, brushes etc.

  7. Michael says:

    The best tutorials ever :X :X :X thank you very much. You’re the best

  8. robb says:

    great collection.
    loved them all. thx.

  9. Love the speeding aston martin! looks like a cross between back to the future and James Bond! lol love it

  10. Anu says:

    really cool designs, the spotlight one reminds me of a justin timberlake video! good inspiration and never knew PS could do all this!

  11. kaze says:

    really cool designs , it’s hard for me to make stuff like this

  12. Man this is just superb… Cheers.

  13. A great collection of lightning tuts, thnx, ill work with them and give you a thumbs up :)

  14. Parthu says:

    Hi…. thanx for the huge collection of tut links

  15. Daily Design says:

    These are really Photoshop tutorials I need, can be taken a source to learn deeper about Photoshop
    Thank you Tom

  16. Unbelievable. a very remarkable design. Thanks.

  17. Dutchboys says:

    Nr74 links to an article on, but they aren’t showing any pictures :-( But great to gather all these tutorials on 1 site man.

  18. lubna says:

    thank you for these designs

  19. Jelly Belly says:

    I loved – 25. Design a Coldplay Inspired Portrait, superb looking and nice design

  20. Holy cow, if you managed to do all these tuts you’d be a top flight photoshop guru. An amazing collection!

  21. Buat says:

    Thanks for the list. I would love to try every single of it.

  22. Rozina says:

    Been looking for this kind of tutorial! One of the few that I can follow! Great work

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