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Massive $600 RSS Contest Over!

The PSDFAN Massive $600 RSS Subscription Contest has finally come to a close!

That’s right, today PSDFAN hit 4000 subscribers! Thankyou to all who entered, we received a staggering 255 entries! I will be selecting/contacting the 6 lucky winners later today as well as contacting prize givers.

For now though the contest is officially closed, and no more entries will be counted.

Apologies for the contest not running as smoothly as expected. Feedburner kept having hiccups, so subscriber accounts were being erratic to say the least. Despite this, I think the contest has gone really well, and may well be holding a repeat contest (this time just to 5000 subscribers!), but with even bigger prizes!

***UPDATE: I’ve contacted all prize winners personally, but want to hear back from them all before I post their names here. This is simply because if I don’t hear back from someone I’ll be forced to choose another winner. I’m also in the process of contacting our sponsors to arrange delivery of prizes.***

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. I know what you mean about Feedburner hiccups. I think this is a great competition – I hope I win!

    I wonder what the site will be like when you hit 5,000?

  2. RUGRLN says:

    I wonder if I joined……..I probably did…..:D

  3. Marko says:

    Weeeeeee! 4000 reached and growing! Nice!

  4. smashill says:

    Congrats to running such a successful contest! Hopefully I can grow my blog into the 1000s as well. Persistence is the key I guess!

  5. g3niuz says:

    yea.. nice…

    just waitin’ for announcement ;D

  6. JGDesigns says:

    Any word on my 1st place prize?

  7. JGDesigns says:

    Do u know an exact date? i need them kinda soon (they’re good for all of envato right)?

  8. JGDesigns says:

    nvm, i got it now, thanks a lot man

    • Tom says:

      No problem! Thanks for participating. I’ll be making an official post on Friday announcing all the winners now that prizes have been distributed.

  9. The Dro says:

    I thought that shit said “Delivery of pizza’s” at the end. I’m a retard. lol.

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