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Photoshop’s Defaults Just Got Interesting!

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The Problem With Photoshop Defaults

If you’re a reader of PSD.FanExtra then it’s very likely that you’ll own a copy of Photoshop.

Photoshop is undoubtedly an awesome piece of software, and a staple within the graphic design community.

However, it’s defaults suck!

Defaults are things like brushes, custom shapes, styles, gradients, actions, patterns etc…

Photoshop comes with a default set for each of these, but they haven’t been updated for over a decade!

This means that the defaults that come with a copy of Photoshop are out of touch with current design trends, and actually pretty damn ugly!

(An example of one of the default patterns that comes with Photoshop. Fairly plain, and not that relevant to modern design.)

Welcome PS Defaults

PS Defaults aims to solve this long standing Photoshop issue.

The project is the brain child of Mason Hipp and the teams from Media Loot and We Graphics.

Mason and his team had grown tired of the poor quality of Photoshop’s defaults and decided to come up with something better.

They began creating hundreds of high quality presets that can be installed to replace the regular Photoshop defaults.

This means that from just one installation you can suddenly have great brushes, patterns, custom shapes, styles and actions all ready and waiting for you next time you open Photoshop!

As Mason says himself “Adobe Photoshop has always had the ability to use outside presets: our set is just the first one to package everything so completely. We’re not sure why nobody has done this yet, but it’s certainly about time.”

This project is going to be huge, and should really make life easier for designers.

“PsDefaults can be installed in less than two minutes. We will provide instructions and lots of help — remember our goal with this project is to design an all-in-one solution that anyone can use.”

Check out some of the great resources that PS Defaults will offer:

Free Mini Defaults Kit

Whilst PS Defaults is still in the works, a lot of people are talking about it already.

To help give you guys a teaser, the team at PS Default have put together a mini pack, containing some of the defaults that the final pack will include.

This free pack alone is something many would pay for, so I highly recommend you get it. It includes dozens of patterns, shapes, brushes, styles and more!

To access the free mini pack simply sign up at PS Defaults.

(An example of some of the custom shapes I have just downloaded and begun to enjoy as part of the free mini kit)

The PS Defaults KickStarter Campaign

The official PS Defaults launch is just weeks away.

In the build up, they have launched a KickStarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to complete and launch the full package.

It’s a sign of how much the design community craves this kind of preset pack, as they have already surpassed their funding goal, with over 2 weeks left!

If you back the campaign then you can receive a host of bonuses, including getting the pack for half price!

Checkout the full campaign page here, including an explanatory video giving your more details.

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  1. Matias says:

    Nice to see PsDefaults featured here! I’ve already pledged $45 and thus will get the deluxe kit. :-) Can’t wait for it to be released!

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