PSDFan Extra

PSDFAN a Success!

General Progress

Hi PSDFAN readers! This is my first official update on the website, as well as a chance to thank you all for your continued support and appreciation of what I’m doing.

The site is doing great so far, much better than I could have expected, and it’s all because of you! Seriously guys, thanks so much for checking out the site, commenting and sticking around. It really means a lot to me to get a sense of community going, and to build up a great audience of Photoshop lovers from around the world.

So far so good! It’s great to see many of you coming back to check out the new tutorials and leave me your comments/suggestions. The site has grown from originally struggling to get 1000 visitors per day to coasting that amount (and some days considerably more). Consequently if you check out at Alexa you will see that I ranked 50,772th in the world yesterday and my traffic graph has been growing rapidly. Not that I’m gloating, but I’m just amazed at this after just a couple of weeks of being live.

The Tutorials

I’ve really enjoyed writing tutorials for the site so far, even if it can be a real struggle some days. Most large Photoshop tutorial sites I know of hire writers at least part of the time, so trying to balance tutorial writing with my design work and everything else going on in my life can be a bit hectic. The good news is that I have no plans of slowing down! Despite a slightly below par tutorial that I posted recently I’ve sat down tonight and planned about a dozen tutorials to write over the next couple of weeks. There are some REALLY cool ideas there and I have a feeling that the coming tutorials are going to be among my best so far.

Anyway, for those of you who are new to the site, or just haven’t trawled through the archived yet here is a summary of my tutorials so far:

Design a Cool Music Wallpaper

Awesome Grunge Text Effect

Stunning Watercolor Effect

Create a Vibrant Drinks Ad

Create a Magical Image using Photo Manipulation

Design a Professional Laptop Advert

Create an Awesome Paint Explosion Image

Design a Professional Car Advert

Creating a ‘Swan Bride’ – Fun With Paths!

I would love to know which tutorials have been your favorites so far, although I think the number of comments generally reflect the best one’s (or at least the one’s I enjoyed writing the most). As I’ve said, look out for the next few tutorials as I’m really excited about them.

What’s Next?

More tutorials of course! Seriously, I see how many tutorial sites update infrequently or stop updating altogether. I promise that PSDFAN won’t be one of them! Despite a hectic week I’m sticking to a new tutorial every 2 days, and I plan to keep it that way.

As well as more great tutorials I’m planning an opening contest some time soon, some great additions to the site (more on this shortly) and an interview with David Leggett of Tutorial9.

Want to Help?

If you’re feeling ultra kind today and want to help the site grow there are a few things you can do. Unfortunately I’m not accepting tutorials written by my readers (yet), but you can:

Your Design Work, But More Awesome:

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