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UPrinting Giveaway!

UPrinting Giveaway

This week we have a great contest for all you PSDFAN readers. UPrinting are offering up a couple of great prizes for two lucky winners. Check out the details below and leave a comment today!


For over 25 years, UPrinting has been a trusted leader in Online Printing , featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous free file review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment. UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.’s high quality printing services include Canvas Printing, Business Cards Printing, brochures, postcards and more, all at the most affordable prices.

How to Enter

1. Leave a comment at the end of the blog post, describing what you would use the free business cards and/or canvas print for.


250 free rounded corner business cards ( any style ) for one reader and one free 18×24 rolled canvas print for one reader. You can choose from any of our stocks for these items.


1. Printing is free, winners only have to pay the shipping fee.

2. This contest will end in one weeks time (Thursday 16th). Only entries up to this date will be counted.

3. Entrants must specify a working email address in order to be contacted.

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. I totally need new business cards! My business cards have an old address so checks are going to the wrong place! I would probably donate the canvas to my church!

  2. Sammie says:

    I would use the business cards to promote my photography business!!

  3. webbografico says:

    I have to reprint my business card because they’re old and crappy. I’ve learned so much about graphics since last time I printed ‘em… so I will be pleased to pay only for shipping!!!

  4. The Executive Director of Fabric of Life Foundation is going Up on the Roof! She is going to live there for a month or longer!

    • We’re about cooperation.
    • We’re about collaboration.
    • We’re about people helping people.

    Carol will live on the roof in a tent until 1 Million people each send me one $1.

    It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the enormity of issues we’re facing. We find ourselves thinking “what can one person possibly do?” We want to inspire action and celebrate the actions you’re taking. “Your world” might mean, inside yourself, your family, your neighborhood, your community or globally. It isn’t how much you’re doing. It’s about doing some thing. One thing.

    Yes, we’re raising money for the Fabric of Life Foundation *AND* it’s more than raising money. It’s about inspiring people to celebrate the power they have, the power to effect positive change in their world ~ One single step at a time.

    Soooo, we’d love to win the canvas print as a way to showcase the foundation’s event and highlight UPrinting’s support!

  5. Stursby says:

    I would use the cards to promote my own freelance graphic design work and web design. I’m currently a student so I don’t have a budget for business cards and could really use some to hand out to some of my clients to spread the word. Thanks!

  6. Nicki says:

    As a student I would love to have the business cards to promote myself upon graduation. I love Uprinting! They are fast and super with customer support. And their prices are the greatest too!

  7. Ashton says:

    Times have been tough with my family lately so I’d use it to promote my dad’s business and try to help him rake in the money!

  8. Jeremy says:

    What a good way to help my girlfriend promote her business! Thanks Uprinting!

  9. Will K says:

    I would use the business cards to promote my fathers construction company. They could all the help they can get.

  10. Nic Brownlee says:

    Business cards would be great as I’ve recently decided to cut loose and go-it-alone ! Gulp !

  11. Agh i so need both of these actually!

    I’m so broke that i can’t afford to pay rent and i will need to have mom help her boy out this month =(.

    I’m a photographer and gfx designer and have no business cards for myself. I could use this to design some for myself and i could use the canvas print to print one of my photos off to give to my mom for helping me pay rent this month!
    Thank god for moms and awesome contests like this. Hope i get lucky!

  12. Jorge Mendez says:

    Rounded corners sound sexy! I love Uprinting.

  13. I would like to see what options I have to create a business card for my company.

  14. Andrew Kavanagh says:

    Have been putting off getting business cards due to this recession. As a freelance Photoshop artist & tutor it is absolutely necessary to have new business cards to advertise my services, but with work as slow as it has been I can only hope for such wonderful contests as this one! Thanks!

  15. Crystal says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to have some business cards of my own to distribute around! Gawd, knows how much I need them! I would be self promoting myself as a artist of all medias, murals and graphic design! so much good can only come of small things =)

  16. Abdullah Al Mamun says:

    customize for my business purpose

  17. Not original, but I’d like business cards for my photography business.

  18. CROMO3D says:

    without a business card is like walk on the snow with out leave foot-mark. i wuold like to use this bisuness card to mark the world.

  19. tinoro says:

    I’d realy like round conrnes business card because they are sexy and would make sexy my bussiness!

  20. T-Law says:

    I would use the business cards to promote new blog and services!

  21. I’ll use the canvas for a photo collage I have in mind since a couple of weeks… an as a recent graduate I really need some business cards :)

  22. Oh my..i would boost my bussiness!!! And i love Canvas Prints XD!!!

  23. Adam says:

    That’s a pretty awesome prize. Our company is in desperate need of a canvas print banner to go in the reception…

  24. Ignas M. says:

    Would be great to promote my graphic blog ;)

  25. Chris Bishop says:

    I am working on starting up my freelance design business and have yet to get my business card done. This would be an ideal way to help me get started.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. DAVID says:

    I would appreciate the business cards. I’ve been traveling more frequently and the rounded corner cards are the look I want/need to give for my brand.

  27. Chris says:

    I would use the business cards to promote my photography. For the most part, to hand out to all the “biz” folks I meet when I am at events and concerts. I would also include them in my mail promotions, along with the other materials.

    As for a huge canvas print, I would get one of my images printed and either hang it in a place of glory in my home or send it to one of the artists i have worked with or as a gift to one of the art directors that has given me a lot of opportunities.

  28. Chris says:

    Oh, I could use some business cards. I just started my portfolio the other day.

  29. Kim Davenport says:

    Wow, I have been holding off ordering cause I’m broke. This would be great to help get my photogr business off the ground! The gallery wrap would be great to give to my son, since he started a new job and couldn’t go to FL with us this year. I took a picture of the beach where he grew up and it would look nice in his new condo.

  30. debbie says:

    I’d love to do a beach photo for that canvas print as a gift.

  31. Kristi says:

    I am a graphic/web/software designer who has been marketing my own artwork since 2008. Things are going great so far but I am constantly needing more business cards, they just walk out the galleries like crazy and I can see my web hits drop when they run out. Can always use those but a canvas print of one of my paintings would be just too cool. I’d like to offer prints so it would be a great opportunity to check out uprinting’s canvas prints! I just recently ordered some square business cards from them:)

  32. Drew says:

    I would use the cards to be able to give potential clients something to remember/contact me by. I’m studying graphic design so the more i get my name out there the more opportunities i’ll have once i graduate.

  33. rohan says:

    MY dog ate my business cards

  34. I would promote my new freelance web design company. And the canvas would be great for some poster printing. :) Thanks

  35. Benjamin says:

    I’d put the cards in a voting room of some politics election to promote my film production company.

  36. Simon H. says:

    I’d use them to finally give myself some advertising :-D

  37. my dog was recently diagnosed with IMHA and passed away. my wife is very torn up and i would like to have a canvas print of our beloved best friend, Luna.
    i already have the picture ready to go, but just can afford to get the canvas made.
    that would make her day!

  38. kulafihi says:

    it’s time to get my own business cards as i am about to go freelance now!

  39. Lonnie says:

    Canvas print would be great for some artwork for the office! The business cards would also be awesome to use as teaser cards.

  40. cathy says:

    cards to promote my art and a canvas print of one of my paintings

  41. Murph says:

    I’ve packed up my life & business from L.I. to CT to care for my Dad as he goes through chemo for lymphoma. Starting from scratch up here & would love new business cards to get things going. Trying to build up clientele & good word of mouth, so I can remain in CT to care for my Dad, while still being able to pay the bills. This little bit would help.


  42. [...] to everyone who entered our recent UPrinting Giveaway. The contest is now officially over. I’ll post the winners when the sponsor gets back to [...]

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