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31 Grunge and Colourful Websites for Inspiration

31 Grunge and Colourful Websites for Inspiration

Nowdays, on the web, thousands of websites appear daily. Most of them are powered by some neat-themes, however some of these websites are powered by custom made designs. Designers mostly are inspired by minimal or colorful styles when making a custom design. However, in my opinion the grunge style has begun to fade as a trend. This isn’t good as grunge websites have their own beauty, with plenty of stunning details and quirks. In the following collection we have put up more than 30 examples of grunge and colorful websites for your inspiration

Corvus Art

An inspiring website that creates a light and easy mood great for it’s visitors.

Jeremy Zevin

This design is well balanced with a really appealing color palette. The site uses great typography and loads of visual details to enhance the grunge look.

Elan Snowboards

Unusual and strange, this site creates a new website look and feeling, impressing it’s visitors with a new and fresh idea.


An awesome feeling and design inspired from a comics book makes this website a nice place to remain a little time.

Mass of Tind

A simple design combined with a great information arangement that results in an amazing website that is a great source of inspiration!


Having a friendly look and being great-coloured, this site creates a perfect mood for finding something new by your own.

Pally Giraffe

A childlish look that makes a happy air around itself and can be a great start for an amazing idea.

Hugs for Monsters

Hugs for Monsters is a classic example of a creative, grungy website. The complex illustration has provided inspiration for thousands of designers, who try to emulate the creative center piece.

Narf Stuff

Here you are greeted by a nice and friendly background that creates more interest for the visitors.

Great Design

The burst of energy coming form this site can surely be a great source of inspiration for your next projects.

Web Designer Wall

WebDesignerWall isn’t only a must-visit website for every designer and developer, being full of awesome content it also has a stunning and attracting grunge design.

Spoon Graphics Blog

A magnificient and great-looking design with a nice and interesting feeling that easily can inspire you for more great projects!


Beautiful and expressive, this site presents it’s viewer a new and abstract look on the world.

Von Dutch

A great spark of energy combined with some insane graphics to create an original and attractive look.

Pixel 2 Html

Simple and awesome designed, this site creates an amazing feeling and a beautiful space for meditation.

Sarah Hyland

Viewing this site you will witness the work of a creative mind, giving you a lot of inspiration.

Source Bits – Tangle Decals

An insane look with a free air and interesting elements that pour out of this amazing website.


An original idea and a simple and calm air of this site create a nice and interesting place for visiting.


A little bit strange but impressive site, creating a feeling that inspires everybody around.

Matt Brett

A interesting blog that has a nice-looking background and arangement of the info on the page, showing us something simple, yet beautiful.

Carrera Scon Futuro

A website done in a grungy way that represets the city’s style a little and creates a special atmosphere for reading the information.

Edge Point Church

Don’t get confused, as this is the website of, yes, a church. Creating a special style and mood, this church shows that it’s like no other in the world.


A powerful wave of feelings come out from this awesome design, creating a special air for some special persons.

Nineteen 47

A beautiful done site that easily presents it’s main products and do not fill you with spam or useless info.

Atom Bicycles

Having a interesting look and stylish look, this website impresses it’s visitors and creates an interesting and nice atmosphere.

Cellar Thief

A beautiful look and eye-pleasent arangements that shows you the best parts of this site.

Giraffe Shop

An african style combined with some cute elements resulting in this awesome and sweet design that will surely leave something in your soul.

Mom and Pop Corn

A site that used a old-times style, creating a special and interesting look that can lead into finding some awesome things in forgotten stuff.

Clever Craft

A great grungy design that showcases a lot of creativity, with paint splatters, elements of stationary and grungy typography.


An original and funny website that combines the great look with amazing details to create a great atmosphere.

Red Feather Photography

A new and fresh idea that will amaze everybody, as it is something unseen and very amazing.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Tom says:

    Wow, I hadn’t seen the WebDesignerWall redesign until this post! Inspiring stuff :) .

  2. SED says:

    Why can’t you have width and height included in tag for the samples? It does not render in IE9.

  3. SED says:

    Good samples though!

    • Tom says:

      Could you be a little more specific about the problem? Are the images not rendering for you? or is it just the width/height being off?

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