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31 High-Quality and Beautiful Wallpapers

31 High-Quality and Beautiful Wallpapers

A beautiful wallpaper always creates a great and inspirational mood for your work and leisure time. It is always great to turn on your computer and see an attracting and gorgeous image on the background. That is why we have gathered here a set of only high-quality wallpapers which are highly appealing.

Kalvin Design

A beautiful mix of monochromatic colors that can easily inspire you and give a great idea.

Night City Rainbow

A beautiful and magic wallpaper representing a rainbow that appears in the night near a city.

Abstract Wallpaper

Feel the energy in a new and different way with this abstract wallpaper, being a new step for your inspiration.

The Screamy Wallpaper

A hilarious and original wallpaper that in spite of being simple, it creates a comic and funny air.

I love House Music

Guess that for those who love house music, this wallpaper will surely come in handy.

You’ve got Mail!

A cute-looking wallpaper that presents an unusual situation in a very colorful and beautiful way.

Black Magic

A charming wallpaper with a very nice color mixing which is creating a inspirational and uncontrollable mood for you.

Happy Land

A surreal wallpaper great for creating an imaginary place that can offer you quiet and ideas.

Crazy Ninjas

An amusing wallpaper great for raising up your mood and create a more friendly atmosphere around yourself.

No Wallpaper

An original and funny wallpaper that basically shows the mighty process to create a wallpaper.

Blue Electricity

A wallpaper full of energy that can easily recharge your powers and inspire you for new and beautiful creations.

Embossed Minibrot

With a solid look and an original feeling this wallpaper is a great way to keep you calm.

Escape the Dream

A beautiful and impressive wallpaper that is surrounded by a mystical air and is very tricky.

Flower Spirits

A wallpaper that sends you to think about the miracle of the spring and creates a great mood for you.


A powerful and fantastic wallpaper that creates a special and unusual mood great for relaxing from usual day-life.

Glows in the Dark

A very cool-looking wallpaper with a great coloration and high resolution.


A wallpaper that will catch you in it’s charms and make you to love him and his great color mix.

The Law of Chaos

At the first glance chaotic, but very impressive and powerful wallpaper great for those who love action.

Another World

A colorful and fresh look of an alternative world, creating a new and awesome feeling for you.

Korean Calligraphy

A representation of the vast and amazing Korean culture, creating so a masterpiece in the form of an wallpaper!

Incandescent Soul

A maze of burning passion that is stored in this awesome wallpaper to inspire you for more great creations.

Cosmic Kinetics

A wallpaper full of energy and motion great for active and skilled people.

Japan Style

Being done in a beautiful and interesting way, this wallpaper is a look of the modern Japan along with it’s culture.

Birth of Pheonix

A beautiful representation of the moment when a phoenix is born, having a great color contrast and harmony.

The Earth is One Big PC

Gain a new vision of the world together with this interesting wallpaper that is great for PC-lovers.


A beautiful mix of colors that are in the same range, outlining their differences between them and creating an euphoric atmosphere.

Shining Face

A charming and really attractive wallpaper great for iPhone & iPad devices, being of a high-resolution and very nicely done.

Queen of Colors

A burst of colors combined with a oriental air in order to create a magnificent wallpaper.

Blue Ice

A combination of colors that results in an icy but very impressive look of this amazing wallpaper.

Graffiti Style

A wild and unleashed power is ready just for you, being stored in this wonderful wallpaper.

Abstract Light

A great red usage to outline a very emotional and important moment, creating a very sentimental mood.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. MarkT says:

    Nice collection of images – a lot of these have a really nice balance of vibrancy and purpose.

    I refuse to work unless I’ve got a good wallpaper on my computer’s desktop. ;)

  2. Happy land wallpaper is really seems like a deep concept… although i like all images, great collection.

  3. Chris says:

    There are some beautiful wallpapers in this collection. I love the intense colors in the Queen of Colors. Thanks for sharing!

  4. reet sharma says:

    these wallpapers are superb………… <3 <3

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