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32 Fresh & Free Social Media Icon Packs

32 Fresh & Free Social Media Icon Packs

These days the web is filled with creative, amazing and beautiful icon sets, that can uplift any creative work to a high level. Designers and developers scour for these free treasures the most. In the following round-up we have listed only social media high-quality and fresh icons so you could browse for the needed icons on a set topic, not random stuff.

Glossy Social Icons

A nice and pleasant looking icon pack great for people who want to impress with their design’s look.

Media Bubbles Icon Pack

Having an interesting and attractive look, these icons are great for attracting people on your site.

Lego Social Icon Set

These lego icons are highly original and help create a special atmosphere suitable for a games site.

Splatter Social Media

Having a cool and serious look, these icons create a powerful and intense atmosphere around them.

Yammy Social Media

A great way to leave a memorable impression is using this tasty icon set.

Plastique Social Icons

This set of minimalistic icons will look great on a serious and important site.

Clean Noise Social Media

Awesome-looking and having a special feeling, these icons are great to use in something unique.

Minimal Designer Icon Set

An amazing and impressive icon pack great for a simple and minimalistic design.

Google Plus Icons

A nice and round Google+ icon that will surely be handy in your design.

Square Social Icons

A set of simple and pleasant icons that create a nice and calming atmosphere.

Hand Drawn Icons

Having a doodle look and being easy to remember, these icons will surely make you popular in no time.

Flavours Icon Set

An impressive and warm icon pack that will leave pleasant memories to your visitors.

Neon Social Media Buttons

Having a cool and impressive look, these icons suit well a modern blog.

Grass Textured Social Bookmarking Set

Withn a natural and interesting look, these icons will surely impress the people on your site.

Link Deck

Having a solid and serious look, these icons look great on a cool design blog.

Free Social Media Icon Set

A cute and impressive icon pack great for a social and popular site.

Socializic Icon Set

Having a glossy and original look, these icons are great for a modern and cool-looking desing.

Sleek Icon Pack

A set of interesting socializing icons that create a nice mood.

Isometrica Social Media Set

An original and interesting icon pack that will surely make the visitor remember and share your site.

Cheers Icon Set

A funny and cool ideea that creates a friendly atmosphere great for your visitors.

Heart Social Icon Set

A lovely set of icons that is great to make your design special.

Buddy Icons

Having a friendly look, these icons are great for making your site well-known.

Bublicons Icon Pack

With an origianl and impressive look, these icons suit well a serious site.

OLED Social Icons

An interesting and amazing icon pack that creates a nice retro mood in the air.

Starry Site Icons

These awesome-looking icons are great to use in a great and impressive design.

Dark Social Icons

With a powerful and serious look, these icons are great to impress the visitors on your site.

Social Media Icons V.2

Having a pleasant and impressing look, these icons are great for creating a nice mood.

28 Social Media Badges

A original and cool-looking icon pack that will surely fit a easy and friendly site.

Bulb Social Media

Having a cute and nice look, these icons are great for a scientific blog.

Robotic Social Media Icons

A funny and original icon pack that is great for leaving a great memory in the visitor’s head.

Green Thumb Icons

A friendly and pleasant icon pack that will surely impress the visitors with it’s cool look.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Kawsar Ali says:

    Great Collection. Thanks for including my set

  2. Xin Hui says:

    This comes handy! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  3. Robby says:

    Seen most of these packs before, but there’s a few I haven’t seen. I really like the square icon pack. Thanks.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I really love some of these icons sets and will definitely be stealing some of them to use in my designs. I really like to make sure in my designs that everything is perfect even down to the social media icons. They really have to tie into the site not just stick out like a sore thumb! I in particular like Splatter, Yammy and dark social icons. For the right site I would also use Socializic Icon Set. A really nice collection.

  5. naruto says:

    To offer this kind of high quality icon packs for free, it is superb!

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