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The Awe-Inspiring Mixed Media Works of Florian Nicolle

The Awe-Inspiring Mixed Media Works of Florian Nicolle

I’ve loved mixed-media art for years, it often feels raw, rough and creative. The combination of sketched lines, photo-realistic detail, material-based collages and grungy splatters is simply beautiful, and Florian Nicolle’s work captures everything I love about the medium.

Florian’s work is rough, yet very refined, and delicately put together. If you haven’t encountered his work before, then please take a look at the pieces below and take some inspiration:

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  1. Dimi says:

    So awesome, love that look.

  2. Beautiful work, really enjoyed looking at Florian Nicolle and will look at more in the future. I have never seen mixed media done so well, all the different weights and texture adds so much depth to the faces. Lovely work

  3. Chris Davies says:

    I like how Obama’s one has text from the Declaration of Independence as the texture. Very nice touch! =)

  4. Amazing artwork and I like how they have used different textures to add more depth to the images. These are great examples of mixed media and are all done so well.

  5. I love this style. I think it’s a great way to show someone’s personality in their work. Great post!

  6. web design says:

    awesome, love that look.

  7. e11world says:

    I can’t describe to you how much I am IN LOVE with this style. WOW!! Very beautiful and creative work!!

  8. Ionela C. says:

    verry beautiful , i love that creative water color style

  9. So awesome, love that look.

  10. In That Respect there r surely a lot of details like that to take into consideration

  11. Sandeep Thakur says:

    Really nice work…. so inspiring…..

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