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33 Free and Modern WordPress Themes

33 Free and Modern WordPress Themes

Recently we’ve had a collection of free wordpress themes which interested a lot of you. Todays set of free wordpress themes contains more than 30 awesome examples which are totally different from the previous ones and are mostly designed and developed in the 2010 and 2011 years. They are all highly professional and modern, so should help liven up your blogs design!


The following item is a premium-like looking wordpress theme which is available totally free of charge.


Take a look at this gorgeous and awesome template which has a nice mix of colors in it, which will really uplift the beauty of your website.

App Cloud

AppCloud is a well-designed and really stylish free wordpress theme which gas a nice look.


Having a nice and modern looking website and blog is great. The following free wordpress theme will help you to get such a webpage.


This beautiful wordpress theme called “Obscorb” is probably the best example in our collection. You are able to get it for free now.


This is a free wordpress theme which is filled with useful widgets in it. It can be easily downloaded from the authors page.


This is a modern & free wp theme with a nice structure and nice design. It can be used as your personal website or a corporate one.

iTheme 2

iTheme2 is an amazing wp 3.0 ready wordpress theme which can be downloaded for free and used how you want.


Take a look at this kick-ass wordpress theme which can be downloaded for free and used for any type of website.


The following item is a well-designed and very usable theme for the wordpress CMS which is fully available for free.


This colorful, bright and widget-integrated template for wordpress, is worth some good money, however it’s available free of charge.


The following wordpress template is a great example of awesome, amazing and high-quality wp themes. Download it for free right now!

Auto Focus

Another awesome & well-designed premium wordpress template which is also available for free. It is great to be used for a personal website, rather then a corporate one.

Wp Count

Improve the look of your website by getting this well-structured and great designed template for the wordpress CMS.


If you own a corporate or business website and it needs an urgent change, then this gorgeous theme is a must for you.

Brave Zeenat

The current wordpress theme is a well-designed and high-quality theme which can be used how and where you’d like.

Simple Folio

This is a great example of wp 3.0 version ready wordpress theme which is great to be used for small business owners.


The following bright and powerful wp theme is a great template for individuals and personal website. You can get it without any charge.


The following template with a gorgeous but at the same time simple design, is the solution for those who are looking for a nice, but also general topic-for theme.

Blue Bubble

This stunning and kick-ass wordpress theme is fully available for free, eventhough it has a premium-awesome look.

Photography WP Theme

The current item is a nice-looking some-how simple but interesting wp 3.0 ready theme which is gived away for free.


AppCloud is a well-designed and really stylish free wordpress theme which gas a nice look.


Get yourself this kick-ass and beautiful template for wordpress CMS free of charge.


This is an excellent wordpress theme which integrates in it both, usability elements and also beautiful design, which make the template great!


The following wordpress template called “Cyantgant” is a great example which has a great mix of elements and also, but not only – combination of colors.


The current gorgeous and well-structured wordpress theme has an elegant design and can be downloaded totally for free.

Shaken Grid

Take a look at this bold and interesting template which really proves that the WP CMS has the best designed templates around the all content management systems.

Place Holder

Place Holder is an awesome free template from the WooThemes experts, which do create probably best WP themes in our days.


This is another free wordpress theme which has a nice look and kick-ass design.

Eco Blog

EcoBlog is a simple but elegant, beautiful and usable wordpress theme which can be downloaded for free form the idesigneco website.

Free iKonik

Download a premium-looking e-commerce wordpress theme fore free fromo tokokoo. It is ready to use and fully loaded with widgets.


Another great free e-commerce wordpress the,e os shpwcased here. It has an awesome admin-menu , and different skins to choose from.

About the Author:

Stelian is a design enthusiast from Republic of Moldova. Right now he is working on his new design-related blog called Rocket Graphics. Visit RocketGraphsor follow his twitter account @rocketgraphs.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    nice collection Great roundup

  2. Eric Vasquez says:

    Very cool WP Themes Tom! I really dig some of these. My girlfriend actually uses the Bueno theme for her blog:

    Nice article on top about New Orleans =)

  3. Marios says:

    Great list of modern wordpress themes, I like the blue bubble,

  4. Nico says:

    thanks, but here is not the right theme for me. sry

  5. The BOLDY theme is actually quite amazing, but not to be used by the beginner. Maybe someone should make a step-by-step guide to setup the slider and menu.
    Thanks for this page!

  6. Mark Ruffing says:

    How do I download “Boldy” – the first theme on this page. It just takes you to the demo of the theme. Is it possibly no longer free? Please help!

  7. Wiloooo says:


    ecoblog is most beautiful template, sorry for my english i’m french boy ^^

  8. Russel says:

    Hi! pls include our Free Awesome WordPress Themes at bodegazine for your 2012 Collection! Much Thanks

  9. Vanessa says:

    Is “Bueno” no longer available?
    I can’t download it. When I clicked on the download-button nothing happened.

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