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40+ Halloween and Gore Themed Photoshop Brushes

It’s Almost Halloween!

With Halloween fast approaching there’s plenty to be inspired by in terms of design. Halloween offers some great imagery to work into your designs and tutorials. Unfortunately sometimes it can be incredibly hard to get hold of any decent Photoshop brushes to help you in your quest to creating some seriously spooky imagery.

Don’t worry though! PSDFAN have compiled over 40 amazing Photoshop brush sets, including pumpkins, cats, bats, skeletons, blood, stitches, scars, cobwebs and much much more!

I hope that you enjoy this list, and feel free to post any designs that you come up with. I’ll be using some of these brushes in my Halloween Photoshop tutorial that I’ll be posting in the next few days (it’s going to be a great one!). I’d also appreciate your comments and social bookmarking efforts if you enjoyed this list.

Halloween Brushes

1. Dark Wings Brushes

2. Assorted Halloween Brushes

3. Anodyne Halloween Brushes for Photoshop

4. 500ml Halloween Vintage Brush Set

5. Skull Brushes (3rd Set Down)

6. Halloween Photoshop Brushes

7. 31 Halloween Mask Photoshop Brushes

8. High Res Skulls

9. Boney Doodles

10. Moon Brushes

11. Halloween Cat’s Brush

12. Happy Halloween Brush Set

13. Halloween Brush Set

14. Halloween One Brush Set

15. Skulls, bats, devils Brush Set

16. Human Bones Brush Set

17. Halloween V: Vintage Witches

18. Bats

Blood/Gorey Brushes:

19. Ady’s Splatter

20. Shad0ws Blood

21. SplatterisM

22. Blood Brush Set 1

23. Blood Brush Set 2

24. Blood Brush Set 3

25. Bloody Handprint Brush Set

26.Stiches/Scars Brush Set

27. Medical Instruments Brush Set

28. 13 Blood and Splatter Brushes

29. Blood Colored Brushes

30. Blood Stained Splashy Brushes

31. Blood Splatters

32. Blood Photoshop Brushes

33. Blood and Ink Photoshop Brushes

34. Blood Brushes

35. Human Anatomy Brushes

36. Human Skeleton Brushes

37. Brains Brush Set

38. Blood Brushes

39. Ady’s Splatter Brushes 3


40. Anodyne Cracked Brushes for Photoshop

41. Halloween Photoshop Brush Set

About the Author:

Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. He loves writing tutorials, learning more about design and interacting with the community. On a more interesting note he can also play guitar hero drunk with his teeth.

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  1. Richard Paolosky says:

    Photoshop Brushes From are great, a huge colection, not only halloween brushes, there are a lot of brushes, categorized, it’s a great Website, Thanks for the info !!!

  2. WonkaStudio says:

    Prems ;) and thand you for this compilation !

  3. Tom says:

    No problem guys :)

  4. RUGRLN says:

    Now here’s something to help with making my Halloween comp!

  5. Tom says:

    Yeah I’m using a bunch of these brushes for my Halloween tutorials. Unfortunately I won’t get to post them until Sat/Sunday due to a huge university essay :( Hopefully people will still benefit from them though.

  6. Zoonex says:

    Great collection! Thanks Tom!

  7. oh, that’s really nice MASTER collection for deadly image creation :D :)

  8. kabeer says:

    hi tom….
    nice brushes….

  9. martin says:

    hi.. Do any of you now were you can downloand great blood-brushes? Can i do it here?

    By Martin

  10. sonu says:

    hey tom u r really coooooooooooooool
    owesum collection of diamonds keep it up buddy thanx for dis

  11. Tom says:

    Martin: Sure! Just click on any from the list and look for a download link.

    Sonu: Thanks for the kind words :)

  12. sarah says:

    hello, i so love the stitches n splatters, how can i download them please? :/ thank you!

  13. hasan says:

    tanks for the best brush

  14. [...] 40+ Halloween and Gore Themed Photoshop Brushes « PSDFan Awesome Halloween and Gore Themed Brushes!! (tags: photoshop brushes brush design graphics horror tutorials free) [...]

  15. Lisa says:

    dis is cool!!!!!

  16. great brushes! thank for share!

    Photoshop Brushes | Brushes For Photoshop

  17. thanks for the cool brushes.

  18. Web design says:

    Some of the interesting effects… might be i will give a try this weekend

  19. Some brilliant brushes, Thanks

  20. orkut scraps says:

    Dear sir

    I like this site very much,because i am a bigner,this site very helpful for bigners

  21. bloody brushes says:

    Love the list :) I made these ones a while ago:

    blood brushes

    Feel free to use them and comment :) Cheers

  22. Sms says:

    very good Halloween brushes… keep sharing this good stuff…. they are really impressive..

  23. Fantastic post, this is a these websites manually it’s a pain because the sites themselves do not make it easy to know if they are free,

  24. Thanks, this is perfect for what I need, Halloween will be here before you know it!

  25. awesome halloween brush collection, thanks for sharing

  26. ooh spooky ^^

    nono very nice indeed, thank you for sharing

  27. Fantastic post, this is a these websites manually it’s a pain because the sites themselves do not make it easy to know if they are free,dfgd

  28. A great post great info thanks

  29. very inspiring…and especially now that Halloween is coming.

  30. Brilliant post, I really like the variety of brushes available there

  31. Brilliant post, great variety of brushes. Very useful!

  32. Very useful info here, will use this definatly!

  33. traverten says:

    image and you have saved me hours – I mean hours of hard work.
    All I can say is thank you most sincerely for making my life so much easier today.

  34. hayvanc?l?k says:

    Halloween Photoshop tutorial that I’ll be posting in the next few days I’d also appreciate your comments and social

  35. are lot of interesting and knowledgeable things for me. i will be a regular visitor of this site.

  36. 2. el esya says:

    I mean hours of hard work.
    All I can say is thank you most sincerely for making my life so much easier

  37. do?al ta? says:

    Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not. These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different angle and approach to get

  38. Donovan Crow says:

    Just took a look at these brushes.
    I think they are awesome – I downloaded and tested them and was wondering if they can be used for commercial purpose.

  39. su deposu says:

    These are the wonder creations of photographers who use their creativity with a different

  40. Donovan Crow says:

    Just a quick word to say thanks and this post was very helpful for me.

  41. Excellent post guys. Thank you very much for sharing.

  42. Superb Collection of Halloween Brushes.Thank you for sharing wonderful post.

  43. Elliot says:

    Hey the skulls (number 5) are really good, which I could draw as good as that!

  44. Mark says:

    No 15 rules- rocky horror!

  45. Nic says:

    Reminds me of a scene in an old comedy film called Young Frankenstein…, where someone is moving a skull singing, aint got no body and no body cares for me…. Lol

  46. karoser says:

    Blog liked it very much. I found a very useful contents. Thank you.

  47. ooooh nasty…. but nice! Loving the shadows of blood

  48. DPA Claims says:

    Tom did you do the skull sketches yourself? They are brilliant

  49. Guyoz says:

    Awesome designs brushes !

  50. Souls says:

    Hi Tom, I love the collection you have here, I wish I could create such awesome designs, that will teach me for dropping out of design ed at school! Kudos.

  51. Mika says:

    kinda ridiculous to give a list without the links for downloading. All that it opens is a stupid pop-up with the image of the brush. idiotic. pathetic.

    • Tom Ross says:

      Hi Mika,

      Thanks for pointing this out. All the links did work when this article was first published, but it looks like one of the sites have changed, so the links are now just going to a preview. I’ll try and get this fixed asap, but in the mean time plenty of the brush sets in this post do still link correctly.

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