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50 Examples of Natural Macro Photography

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Macro photography is close-up photography. Macro photography means that the image on film is approximately the same size as the subject. Many 35mm macro lenses achieve a 1:2 or 1:1 ratio – whereby the subject is either half the size of the object being photographed or the exact same size.

It’s important to limit your depth of field in macro photography, as small changes to your depth of field will cause your image to blur. Additionally, lighting can be made difficult, as a normal-focal-length 35mm lens will require a distance of approx 50mm between lens and subject. This means that there is literally not enough space in which to place a light between your subject and lens. Many photographers choose to use a telephoto macro lens, which allows macro photography under 100-200mm focal lengths.

Macro Flower Photography

Macro photography is perfect for capturing the beautiful colors and details of flowers. Here are 20 examples of macro flower photography:

Insect Macro Photography

Macro photography is also great for capturing the energy and beauty of insects up close. However, clearly they are more difficult to capture than inanimate natural forms.

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  1. Amit says:

    hey nice photography..the ugly beauty image is really nice..actly thr is an interesting fact that most flying insects cannot fly until they have warmed up & so it is possible to get extremely close when the insects are still too cold to fly. The dew on the ugly beauty bee is an added attraction :) ..

  2. dimaks says:

    wow! amazing! if i can get the chance to own an awesome digicam, i would love to try to come up with these kinds of macros :D

  3. Jen Weiss says:

    This is some amazing photography, inspiration for any photographer, thank you for sharing, Jen

  4. Web Design says:

    Great post, some really amazing photography. love flowers photos.

  5. MacroArtur says:

    I really like most of them, especially dahlia is great

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