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Featured Artist: Mathieu Schatzler

Featured Artist: Mathieu Schatzler

Mathieu Schatzler is a wonderful digital artist from France. His impressive portfolio features a wide range of work, from photo manipulations, to album cover art, magazine covers and promotional materials. It’s great to see such a variety of commercial and personal work, as you can see how Mathieu not only embraces his love of the art-form, but delivers quality business results.

What I love most about Mathieu’s work is how clean and polished it is. He often creates elaborate photo manipulations but they are never overdone, remaining very natural looking, with great lighting and a precise attention to detail. Quite often he will place products or subjects amongst a detailed, rich natural environment. Rather than his subject standing alone it becomes part of a realistic fantasy world.

I recommend that you go and check out Mathieu’s full portfolio as he has plenty more great work to offer.

Maintain Your Mac

Mathieu Schatzler

Hong Kong is Going to America

Mathieu Schatzler

Domptez de Lion

Mathieu Schatzler

Web Design Magazine Cover

Mathieu Schatzler

I Live Magazine Cover

Mathieu Schatzler

The Shiloh Album Cover Art

Mathieu Schatzler


Mathieu Schatzler

Dark Dog

Mathieu Schatzler


Mathieu Schatzler

Wokine – New Era 2/4

Mathieu Schatzler


Mathieu Schatzler

Mathieu Schatzler

Mathieu Schatzler – FĂȘte de la musique 07

Mathieu Schatzler 2006 – 4/5

Mathieu Schatzler 2006 – 5/5

Mathieu Schatzler

Where to Find Mathieu Schatzler on the Web:

If you’d like to explore more of Mathieu Schatzler’s work then you can check out his various online hangouts:

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  1. Su Hall says:

    How wonderful! I really like the artwork! I like ‘collage’-style images with a lot of whimsy!
    Thanks for turning us on to Mathieu!


    • Tom says:

      Thanks Su! I really like the collage style works of Mathieu as well. He has a great ability to create natural looking photo manipulated environments too.

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