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Fotolia’s TEN Collection (Free .PSD Source File From Top Graphic Designer Joolz)

Fotolia TEN Collection

If you haven’t yet heard of it, Fotolia’s TEN Collection is an innovative new digital art collection aiming to help teach graphic designers all over the world.

Every month for 10 months, Fotolia feature the work of a leading digital artist. The artist is given a broad theme and must come up with a stunning composition based around this theme. The final piece is then showcased on the Fotolia TEN website.

The most inspired part of this collection is that we get access to the source file for each of the ten designs, for free! This means that you get a rare look at the exact workflow and techniques used by some of the world’s greatest digital artists. Even as an experienced graphic designer I can see the value in this, as it’s a comprehensive breakdown of some very complex works of art. I personally have found the entire collection to be hugely inspiring, and I love seeing how different designers approach problems and manage their work.

This month is the turn of famous digital artist Joolz. His theme was ‘Food’, and I think his composition is seriously unique and inspiring. You can see his final piece below:

Fotolia TEN Collection

Here is a video breaking down some of Joolz’s professional workflows and art direction:

I’m literally downloading the .psd source file for this piece as I write this post, but based on the previous months in the TEN Collection I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. This .psd is over 100 layers, and very detailed.

IMPORTANT: The .psd source file is only available for free download today. After that it will cost £6. Every piece in the TEN Collection will offer it’s source file for free on the day of release (the 10th of the month), and then charge for it after this point. I really advise that you grab this source file while you still can.

Download the free source file now

Previous Months:

You can check out the compositions from the previous four months of the collection below:

Fotolia TEN Collection

Fotolia TEN Collection

Fotolia TEN Collection

Fotolia TEN Collection

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